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what to wear for Valentine's day dinner

What are your plans for this Valentine's day? Is your outfit all set or are you planning to buy a new one!? If this your resolution is to save more money, my suggestion will be to shop your wardrobe! Even though there are more reasons why you should repurpose what you already have I am happy that we all have at least started off!

After the Calamities that we Saw in 2019, and just in one month of January 2020 with the forest fires and volcano eruptions, I think it is safe to say, everyone on the planet is shaken! Finally!

This movement of less consumption, ethical fashion, conscious consumerism has been around since 2018, but finally, some people are making efforts to be a part of these. Including me. I did my part even before this, but this year onwards, I'd like to make this a lifestyle! Hence here goes my first Fashion post of 2020, with three tips on how to re-wear your clothes, in a different style always! 

This Valentine's day, I am not shopping! Date night outfit - Check { an old one }, Valentine's week pink and red outfits - check! Repeating date night outfits is the best because honestly, guys usually never notice if you are repeating an outfit! and we all know that the fancier the dress, the costlier it is. So why not get the best out of those dresses!

I am sure, you can do that too!

Valentine's day fashion

Let do a "Shop your closet for Valentine's day" drill! 

Define your mood for the occasion! 

Decide if you'd like to go all out with pinks and reds or you want to keep it subtle! Keep it subtle by adding a scarf or shoes in these colours with a monotone outfit! or Go all out with a red dress.

If you haven't got any of those, and really want to keep up with this spirit, BORROW! 

Raid your guy's closet, see if he has a red or pink tie. Use that as a style element in your outfit! Just maybe make a bow on your handbag out if it!
Or better yet, Raid your Girl friend's closet! I am sure she won't mind helping out a friend with this!

Make Pinterest your buddy! 

Once you have decided what colours you'll choose and raided various closets {Yes it is a bit time consuming, but you save up a LOT in the long run}, Go ahead and spend 5 minutes on Pinterest to search for "Styling a .....", and you'll have everything set in no time! This is the best place to learn how to wear everything in your closet, without a doubt

Enjoy dressing up!

The reason, most women keep buying outfits for various occasions in "Not to repeat an outfit" and buying is definitely the easy way out! But, don't dress up for them, do it for yourself! We all know we love to repeat that one dress that fits like a dream, wear that again! Enjoy doing that and if you want to change things up a bit, go a bit out of your comfort zone, with a different makeup look or shade of lipstick! You'll be good to go, richer than you would have been if you bought a new dress and happy!

Now let's quickly touch upon what I have worn in this look! I kept it simple with solid colours. The dress I am wearing was bought around 3 years back, the white peplum top around 4 years.  The quickest way to reinventing a dress is layering!

I added a bit of gold, with the belt and the pumps, in metallic gold to keep the outfit simple yet peppy for the season of love!

How I shopped my closet for Valentine's day outfit

how do i dress up for valentine's day

outfit ideas for valentine's day

Dress - from Zara, 3 years old
Belt - Koovs, around a year old 
Shoes- Bought with the belt 
Top - Around 4 years old. 

Have fun this Valentine's day, with your girl gang or friends or your partner! Just don't forget to shop your closet for the occasion!

Do let me know what your outfit looked like! And if this post helped you out, in the comments below!

Loads of love,


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