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Bottle of satsuma body wash from body shop review

I know you are here reading this review, Just to reassure yourself, that another one of the shower gels from The Body shop will not hurt you! Am I right? Well If I am not, then go ahead make this your first one!

The Satsuma Shower gel from Body shop has to be my most favourite body wash of all time! Read on to know what about this TBS product made me fall in love with it! And, yup I am gonna use the abbreviation for The Body shop. 

So Satsuma, the mandarin orange, like any other orange, is supposed to have that zing of freshness. I cannot vouch for that zing in real life though. But, because TBS has already registered this fragrance in my olfactory sense's memory I am going to keep believing that an actual clementine does smell this good. 

The pricing is old 

Top view of the body shop shower gel

Satsuma  shower gel review

Okay, so without further chit chat, let's jump on to my review. 

The Body shop Satsuma Shower Gel Review

Product -  

A body wash which lathers well with just a little bit of product. Leaves you feeling squeaky clean afterwards. The best part again is the citrusy, orange fragrance, which is so sharp that I love using it at any time of the year. It is a perfect wake me up for your morning showers, on lazy days.

The best part of the shower gel is that this lasts for forever. So yeah, Great fragrance, from a conscious brand, works great, lasts for a long time, these make the satsuma body wash a good one, 

Price - Varied based on sizes. Also, every single body shop shower gel is priced according to variant as well

Packaging - Honestly, I was not that bothered about the packaging of any product until around a year back. So Plastic bottles were okay. 
Thankfully there are brands now who sell their products in aluminium packaging, but not the body shop. yet. 

But, they have a Bottle recycling plan. They call it "Return. Recycle. Repeat", where they have partnered with an organization who recycles the plastic bottles collected from their stores. So, you can drop your used, clean bottles at any body shop store near you and reduce your waste. 

I'd say there needs to be a better solution, but this also works out to recycle your body shop shower gel and body butter packages.

So, what do I think about the Satsuma Shower gel

  1. Lasts long so great
  2. Perfect summer or winter body wash
  3. Packaging can be recycled
  4. makes for a great gift too

I'd say you should totally get this one! Highly recommended. Also, these pictures were clicked of the bottle from this Haul post! 

Loads of love, 

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