Vana Italian bergamot sunscreen Review

Vana sunscreen

Hey there! Happy new year!

I am sure, if you have made some new year resolutions, then maybe like me you have also googled, "How to stick to your new year resolutions"! No? Only Me!? Haha. 

Then let's get on with this quick review. The first decision I have made is to post the pending posts finally on the blog. 

The product I am sharing my views on today is the Vana Italian bergamot luxury summer shimmer sunscreen  I have already completely used up! I received this one, in one of the Fab bags I received a while back.  It has been a long time since I did some reviews of products. But expect back to back reviews.

Ingredients of Vana shimmer sunscreen review

Swatch of Vana screen on skin review

Let's start with the review of

Vana sunscreen 

I'll stick with my three Ps - Product, Packaging and Price

Price - I received it as a part of the fab bag. Can't comment on the price. 

Product - Loved it! But it is for your body, more than the face. For my face, I only stick to my Favourite sunscreen {read why I love it}. The sunscreen smells amazing and citrusy. And who doesn't love a nice citrus fragrance of bergamot? It is also perfect for not so harsh summers because the sun protection factor is also decent, it is an SPF 30.

For the conscious consumer, this shimmer sunscreen is also 100 per cent vegan and paraben-free! So it checks your boxes of being mindful in some cases. 

Packaging - This came in a plastic bottle with a small nozzle like opening. Quite the inconvenient way to use a sunscreen, especially when you are rushing out

In short, for the vana sunscreen, I have a few things to say

1. It is easy to wear as a body sunscreen
2. Gives a beautiful sheen because of the small glitters 
3. Smells amazing, for a really long time in this Bangalore summer

I would totally recommend this to you, for those summer soirees alongside the pool or at the beach to look fabulous, glowy and be safe from the sun  

Loads of love, 

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