How to find my personal style after the pandemic!

How to define and find personal style

How to find my personal style after the pandemic!? Yes, I am posing this blog post as a question, Cause if you do know how to find and define your personal style, send those tips please, to my email at and let us put those tips to the test together! Let's take that as a collaboration on Instagram if you are present on the platform! 

Now that I have made my pitch to you and put it out in the universe, let me share what I am doing to find my style after the Pandemic! 

A lot has changed since 2019, and let's be honest we definitely are not the same people we were in 2019 or 2020. Physically, mentally, and maybe even geographically we have moved onto different places and since how we dress up and style ourselves reflects a lot about us, the image we had back in 2020 doesn't hold true completely anymore. 

I sure had a different style, when I was younger, and my work and life situations called for a different dress code back then, I used to leave my house every day, so each outfit could only have so much effort put into it. 

Now that all of those have changed, I feel like taking this chance to evolve my personal style into something that is more put together and reflects my personality better. THIS IS HARD to do! I have tried a few times, and have given up at the beginning. Partly because we were still stuck at home, but now that we are venturing out into the world and having more human interactions, I want to actually take the definition of my style seriously. 
Does it make sense!? Is that something you are also feeling? 

Whatever I have been wearing these days have been leaning towards something I feel safe in, in terms of fashion choices! The Banner for this blog has two outfits that look kind of similar, what do you think? and I have not liked that honestly. 

This Blog has always been the part of me that keeps me in check, hence I am starting the series to find my style and journal the journey of actually doing that through a series of posts! 
I will focus on a Zero Buy 2023, so will be styling mostly from what I already own. I have a few ideas here, that may help you. I will be focusing on styling and sharing my journey from the perspective of someone whose weight varies quite a bit. Be it for weight cycling or seasonal weight gain, it happens to me, so I will be including that perspective in all of my posts. Here on the fashion blog as well as on my other social media channels. 

So if you could relate to what I have said here and are still reading, hop onto my next post and see how I start my journey to style myself better! I will post each step I take and the effort it takes and if each step really helped me define my style. 

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