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Hi There! 

I am Priyanjana! The person behind Moonshine and Sunlight, An Indian blog focusing on Minimal Makeup & Skincare, Sustainable Fashion, and Budgeted Travel. 

I journal my views on various products and services related to fashion, beauty - skincare, and makeup. I share my experiences and tips from my travels to help make your trips a bit better. 

And since my motive for naming my blog Moonshine and Sunlight, was to write about all my experiences under them, I also share bits and pieces from my lifestyle experiences and lifestyle choice. I stay in Bangalore, India, and most of the posts I write are keeping in mind the aspects of the city.  

Now that you know a little about the blog, here is something about me! 
I am an ambivert with a penchant for all things organized and planned. Delicious food and bakes are my first love and everything else comes second! 
I like to and try to read, but life comes in between sometimes, but if you have any recommendations send them to me!

I hope you find what you are looking for while reading my blog.

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I couldn't bring myself to delete the old About me, so enjoy this 10-year-old about me, that a 20-something Priyanjana had written. 

A little about Priyanjana (me!) 
I am just a girl working waltzing my way through life, learning new things every day, experimenting, making friends, and observing things happening around me.
Oh! and I have an unhealthy obsession with exclamation marks and cakes!! 

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