PLUM grape seed and sea buckthorn glow-restore face oil

Hey guys! So we have moved on from creams to oils and serums in the skincare department in the last few years. I don’t need to give you a timeline of what came when I think you all will be well aware of that!

But I took some time to give serums ad facial oils a try and I hesitantly gave a try.

First, I tried with my own blends. I liked them, but it was a hassle for me to make my blend all the time. So I went ahead and purchased one since I was now comfortable with using oil on my face.

I bought the Glow restore face oils blend, which had grape seed and sea buckthorn oils, from Plum. Now let’s see the three Ps of the review.

Price – 775 INR for 30 ml. I got it on an offer and paid around 600 INR
Packaging – This glass bottle comes in a sturdy box packaging. It also comes with a dropper to help you use as much oil you need.
Product – The Oil itself is a very lightweight oil and honestly doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on your skin, but if you have oily skin, you might feel the oiliness. I have normal-combination skin, so for me, it works out well. There is a very mild fragrance which fades off in an instant. The oil spreads well and gets soaked quickly.

I use this during the day time and sometimes in my nighttime routine, but I always use this when I am doing my Gua sha routine. Now for sure, this has helped me.

I wouldn’t say the glow restoration is overnight, but within a weeks’ time, you can see the visible difference if you have really dull skin, which was my case when I bought it. But, it also helps reduce spots as well. Not much effect on pigmentation though. If you do have an active pimple or acne, avoid using this on that area.

Doesn’t harm your skin, but it makes it oilier and feels very uncomfortable in that area, which I think will be the case with any oil. Keeps my skin moisturized, so I am happy. I usually put my favourite sunscreen after this and that ends my day’s skincare routine.

I overall, quite like this product and will recommend it for people with dry or combination skin.

Loads of love,

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