How to conquer 2020 and make it your year

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Hey there! Thank you for dropping by my blog! I hope you will stay here for some time and let me know what you think about Moonshine and sunlight.

I have been blogging on Moonshine and sunlight, since 2013 and it has been a great journey and experience. I do this alongside working full time, so this is my own baby! and I guess, I do not want to let go of Moonshine and sunlight, because of the same reason.

I know you might be thinking why am I getting all sappy right at the beginning of a post titles "How to conquer 2020 and make it your year", that is cause you need to know what is special to you and what you'd like to work on!
So step one of conquering this year is that! Now that we are done with January, which basically is the trial month of each year, it is time to get serious in February!

How to conquer 2020 !!!

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Evaluate your day 

Assessing what you days have been like in the past year, is the first thing to do. If you have not changed something drastically, chances are your Weekday pretty much consists of doing the same things, as in 2019.
When I say asses or evaluate, I mean track where your time was spent, doing what. Break down your day, asses how your time was spent, like

- At home
- At work
- At the Gym
- At the recreational classes

Say,  for example - every day you spent 1 hour 15 minutes of lunch. Out of which the actual time to have lunch "get lunch, eat, etc" was 40 minutes. where did you spend the rest of 35 minutes - On your phone? Walking?

Now, From this exercise identify the time windows where you can do something else. Which you really want to.

Decide your goals  

Now, you know if you have some extra time or not. Or you know that you'd like to change something.
The next step will be to decide, what exactly you would like to change and how that benefits you to reach your goals.
Start small, define what you'd like to achieve at the end of 2020.
Divide into big goals and small goal.

Let a small term goal be - "I will drink more water every day, by the end of April" and for example, let a long term goal be like - "By the end of 2020, I will be fluently speaking Malay"

Make sure, the small-term goal, help you achieve your long term goals. And most importantly limit your number of goals to a realistic number. Don't make a list of a 100 things that you'd like to achieve cause, humanly, that is rarely possible.

Identify your problem areas

Now that you know, what you want to achieve, identifying the current roadblocks is next!
Like, let's take the "drink more water" goal. Look for the issue, is your water bottle too small? do you not make frequent trips to the water cooler? do you completely forget that you have to drink water?

You can only solve and issue if you know the issue properly! So, alongside your goals- try and add what roadblocks you might face and how you'd tackle them.

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Make a point to DO stuff

Till now, we were planning what to do, but that alone can never yield you any result if there is no action. I think this is the most important part and, something I personally struggle with as well is doing stuff.
You know what you have to do, you have everything at your disposal, but you don't deal with your issues and roadblocks and stay where you started.
I have started small this year, with do for the small goals and have been pretty successful in doing what I want! Let's see how this year goes!!

Prioritize, every day! 

Define your priorities! If you need to stretch for 15 minutes and run for 15 minutes and you have only 20 on a certain day, prioritize between the two and efficiently distribute the activity. Prioritize your health, if that is what you are focusing on.
Prioritize your pottery classes over a 3rd coffee date with your friend in a week, if learning that by the end of 2020 is what your focus is. That person is your friend, after all, they'll understand. Please don't make excuse with them though, people appreciate the truth!
Prioritize! Prioritize!

Get your sleep

This is a very personal suggestion. I cannot function with a minimum amount of sleep. The day goes by very badly if I haven't slept properly. If that's the case with you too, keep that phone away and stop staying awake at night!! Lying in the dark and staring at the phone for hours is not going to help in any way! Eradicate items from around you that disrupt your sleep or delay it. If you are well-rested, you will be able to do anything you want! Honestly!

I think I am going to stop here! This last month, I tried to stick to these, it is going to take time. That is for sure, but you will be reaching your goal. 
I know in the above steps I have shared how I think I will make this year mine, but honestly, it might be completely different for. and if 2019 has taught me something, that is to have an open mind towards everything. So let me know what your ways are to conquering and winning at life this year. 

Let us make this a feedback loop of getting better at what we want to! But before I close this, I'd like to talk about this outfit.

This saree is a Batik saree from my mom's collection. I shot this particular outfit in Kolkata, way back in 2017 and finally got around posting this now. So, you can see why I need to work on myself. It really took a good amount of courage on my part to actually bare everything and talk about what I need to work on. I hope you'll appreciate it and share yours!

I wanted to continue and at least finish sharing the looks I had shot for the #MNSIndieProject that I had started a couple of years back. This has been a long-ish post anyway, so I'll stop here!

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