Simple Micellar cleansing wipes review

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Cleansing wipes are a saviour when you are travelling and can't carry your micellar water or cleansing oil/balm. Recently, I finally understood that the best way to describe my skin type is Sensitive. And Simple is just the brand to cater to Sensitive skin! The Simple Micellar water cleansing wipes have been accompanying me on all my travels. 

Simple is a UK based brand and has products which have no perfume, no chemicals and no artificial colours, in any of their products. I have just tried the simple cleansing wipe and am planning to purchase a Face wash from them. You can Buy Simple products on Nykaa. 

Let's get on to the quick review here, let me start with my 3 Ps. 

Simple Micellar water cleansing wipes review

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PRICE - The price of the Simple micellar water wipe is 299 rupees, for 25 wipes. I think the price is a bit on the higher side when you compare with to some other micellar water wipes, but I wanted to give the products from Simple a try. 

PACKAGING - The Wipes come in a plastic pouch of sorts. You need to remove the sticker on top of the pack, halfway and take your wipe, out. When you are done, restick the sticker. 

Well, I usually address the sustainability issues here, so what I want to say is that This was my last purchase of any kind of cleansing wipes, because the sheets that are used to keep the liquid held on, are actually made of plastic and every single wipe contributes to pollution, bit by bit! If I am switching everything up, why would I use this! 

A bit of a hassle is alright, in this case of priorities! 

PRODUCT - The simple cleansing wipes are really good! No doubts about that. The wipes are soaked in the Simple Micellar water and work really well on a medium amount of makeup. If you want to use these for a full heavy face of makeup, then you will burn through this. They claim that this hydrates as well, I can't back that claim cause I did not feel hydrated, but yes, My skin didn't feel like it was stripped off of moisture.

How to use - 

Gently press the wipe on your face and wipe it in one direction, repeat this till you are happy. Make sure for eyes and lips you keep the wipe pressed on for a few seconds. 

Simple Micellar water cleansing wipes are indeed very gentle on my sensitive skin and I especially love using this during summers. After using this, I like the cooling sensation this has for a couple of minutes.

I want to recommend the cleansing wipes since it is actually a good product and easy to use, but I will instead recommend that if you want to try this, just opt for the micellar water as the product, not the wipes.

Let me know your favourite micellar water available in India! I'd love to try them out.

Loads of love,

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