St.Botanica Hyaluronic acid , Vitamin E and C Serum Review

St Botanica Hyaluronic Serum Review 

stbotanica serum review , hyaluronic acid serum bottle

Hyaluronic acid beauty products have to be the hottest in the beauty industry at the moment! I myself have like 5 products in my vanity which have this as a star ingredient. The St.Botanica serum with Vitamin E and C, with Hyaluronic acid, is what I am selecting to review from the plethora of products I have. Haha.

I bought this particular Facial serum when my skin was breaking out constantly and was at the peak of its sensitivity in 2019. I tried it then, I didn't really like it and stopped using after a couple of days.
Only aloe vera gel worked on my skin then, to be honest, so I don't blame this.

Since January, I started using this again and haven't stopped using this at all! Let's start with the review!

St.Botanica Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and C Professional Facial Serum Review 

Price - St botanica hyaluronic serum price in India wavers a bit. I bought it for 1499, currently, the MRP is 1799 INR in India. 

Packaging - The packaging is really pretty with the design on the box! But, the actual matter here is the packaging of the bottle of the product. The product comes in a brown glass bottle with a pump to dispense the product. The pump itself has a clever little cap, which I think is genius. 

Product -  St botanica hyaluronic acid serum is vegan, paraben and silicone-free! Hyaluronic acid itself is known to make the skin more moisturised, supple and plump. And I honestly have felt that it works towards it! The serum is very potent, so make sure you use just two pumps of it. 

st.botanica serum review hyaluronic acid
Packaging of the hyaluronic acid serum 

st botanica serum review packaging
Packaging of the hyaluronic acid serum

st botanica hyaluronic acid serum review
Packaging of the hyaluronic acid serum

st.botanica serum review ingredients
100% pure hyaluronic acid in serum in India 

st.botanica serum review and price
Stbotanica serum with vitamin C

The fragrance of the botanica serum is like that of freshly made rose water, which is such a delight, when I use this at the end of the day. The serum glides on my skin and gets absorbed very quickly.

Make sure you a Moisturizer to lock this in. I have sensitive skin and I use a light moisturizer from Plum, at night. It is recommended to use these ingredients at night and not expose your skin to the sunlight. 

The reason why I am writing the hyaluronic acid facial serum review after using it for three months is that I wanted to know if the first time use was just an anomaly. It indeed was.

The St botanica hyaluronic serum for sensitive skin is great and gentle. Since I have used it, I have noticed a slight improvement every week. The skin texture has smoothened out, No effect on the spots though. But I wake up with moisturised and bright skin every time I use this, which is such a delight.

I will definitely recommend this for someone who is looking to take care of dull skin. I personally really like it. It is a bit expensive but lasts for a long time, I have used just 1/8th in three months. 

Let me know if you buy this one! 

Loads of love , 

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