Selecting The Best Sunglasses For The Shape Of Your Face

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Many people are self-conscious when it comes to wearing glasses, especially sunglasses, so you must choose a style that matches the shape of your face. If you have never thought about the shape of your face, you can get some excellent information on working this out on various online references that will help you. Once you have determined the shape of your face, below, you will find the various types of sunglasses that will suit your face, allowing you to feel both fashionable and comfortable.

The Round Face

Choosing a pair of unbreakable polarized sunglasses for men or women with a round face is simple, stay away from round frames. If you wear round frames, they will accentuate the roundness of your face. Instead, you will want to choose frames that are square or angular, and aviator sunglasses are an excellent choice for people with a round face.

A Square Face

For those people that have a square face and jaw line, you should choose frames that have rounded corners and soft angles. You will want to select a pair that matches the width of your face, and the rounded corners will help to break up the contrast of your face.

An Oval Face

If you have an oval face, it is similar to having a square one, and you will want to avoid hard angles, and instead, you should opt for softer lines with rounded corners. A style that works well for an oval face is the wayfarer style. You will want to make sure that you avoid small frames and choose larger ones which cover your face.

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A Heart Face

If you have a heart-shaped face with a narrow chin, then the best style of frames to compliment you are square ones. You will want to choose a style with sharp corners and avoid oversized glasses and teardrop-shaped ones. The square frames will help to break up the contours of your face, adding a visual layer that will appeal to onlookers.

A Diamond Face

If you are lucky enough to have a diamond-shaped face, then you will have the benefit of most styles of sunglasses suiting your face. Make sure that the glasses are not wider than your cheekbones as if they are, they can make your forehead and chin appear smaller than they are.

A Triangular Face

For those people that have a triangular-shaped face, you can get away with larger frames as they will give the appearance of your face balance. Teardrop shapes are suitable for you, and you can also wear square frames that have deep lenses and wear them like rock stars. 

An Oblong Face

If you have an oblong-shaped face, then similar to square ones you will want to avoid hard lines and corners, you are best in choosing rounded edges with softer lines which will help to enhance your facial features, and the wayfarer style is the perfect choice for you. 

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Whatever shape your face is, there is a pair of sunglasses that have you both feeling and looking fantastic, if you know the right style of sunglasses to choose.

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