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Skinkraft review India

Skinkraft review

Hey everyone! let me tell you one thing, Personalization at this point is the key to make every consumer product perfect and hence, has become the trend everywhere. So, Why should skincare be left behind of this trend?! Skinkraft in India has become the pioneer when it comes to taking care of your monthly personalized skincare needs. Skinkraft products are formulated for each person after an online consultation of sorts. They claim that Skinkraft is a 3-product regimen to give your skin the best treatment!

You can visit their website, take a quick quiz to help them understand what are your skin issues and what you'd like to address or address first if you have multiple concerns.
I did the same! I went on the Skinkraft website, made my profile and filled out a questionnaire. Where they asked about things like my lifestyle, eating habits, skins conditions.
After a week of answering the questions, I received my Month's supply of skincare products.

Skinkraft products

skinkraft price and review
Skinkraft treatments for me

skinkraft review price

Skinkraft - Personalized skincare in India
Just sad with all the pimples and hoping skinkraft will work! haha! 

There were three products for me.

A cleanser/facewash, A serum and a spot treatment, all products from Skinkraft.

The reason I received their products from Skinkraft was that I opted to treat my pimple. Since January I had been troubled with pimples, especially around my jawline and chin.

So let us see what I have to say about the personalised skincare from Skinkraft 

I will keep this simple and will list out what I liked and did not like.

What I like about the personalised skincare from Skinkraft -

  • It is personalised, DUH!!
  • The products are suited for your skin type and issue. 
  • Quantity of the products is a lot, so it can be easily used for more than a month. 
  • The products do work, but it takes a bit of time. 
  • The products are selected by Dermatologists.
What I do not like about the personalised skincare from Skinkraft -
  • The whole service is done online with questions, but I would love to have an explanation via video why which product was selected
  • The three products are to be used for Day time or night, or both the times, that is not explained. There has to be a How to use skinkraft products instruction included. 
  • Expensive, if it takes too much time to work for you. 

All in all, I started with the pimples all over my face, as you can see in the pictures, it at the point it is under control. I did not use this regularly, but on and off for one month and I like the cleanser the most, It is mild, smells great and keeps the moisture balance of the skin. 

If you want a review of each of the personalised skinkraft products, I'd be happy to do that, but, I don't know if you will get the same as well. Hence, the Honest review of the services provided by skinkraft.

The products sent to me by Skinkraft were their -

  1. Skinkraft Syndet face cleanser
  2. Skinkraft Barrier repair serum 
  3. Skinkraft Acne total clear solution 

So, what's my verdict? If you are looking for personalised skincare in India, then Skinkraft is definitely the place to go. Especially because of the ease of use. The products from them are good but might end up being a bit expensive. But, for good skin, that is alright! 

Let me know what you think! Have you tried the service from Skikraft or their products? what's the price of the skinkraft package you opted for?

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