Tips on effectively working from Home during the Lockdown

Tips on working from home effectively

work from home tips
Work from Home tips 

Hey, people of the world! I really hope you are doing okay, staying safe, and exercising the right to keep yourself and your family safe, by bringing your work, Home. But, when you blur the lines of work and personal life, it starts getting unmanageable for some reasons and the balance of work and life, goes out of the balance. Thanks to the Corona Virus Pandemic, this situation is going to exist for at least a few weeks. Like it or not.
Honestly, I did not like working from home during the lockdown, initially. I struggled. A LOT. Working from home is hard, for a bunch of people!

But, with the situation, I realized that I am so PRIVILEDGED. I have a way of earning my bread, even from HOME, keeping myself and my family safe. And that just by simply staying put at home I can Flatten the curve, #FlattenTheCurve of people getting infected! My Job permits me to flexibly work from any location due to the outbreak of a disease like the COVID-19 and honestly, I am grateful. The situation in India due to the Coronavirus outbreak is getting worse, but so proud that it has been pretty well managed, especially if you consider India's Population. 

But, there are the obvious struggles of being in a new territory and failing a few times. For me adjusting to working from home was difficult, but the feeling of gratefulness helped me streamline things. As cheesy as it sounds, it is true.

After struggling for a couple of weeks, here are few of my tips for working from home effectively -

- Clear out junk and unused files and folder.

We usually build up and fill up our working systems with a bunch of files and folders, which we never use after a couple of weeks. And don't even get me started on the various versions of the same final document. It starts out with a "Final.txt" of sorts and finishes up with it being "Final_finaldatedraftfinalcopy.txt"! Let me know in the comments if this happens with you too! Use the bit of extra time you have working from home, to organize your system, so that you can be more productive at work later!

- Clean the laptops and phones

Clean your hardware. Be it charging cable, laptops, phones, anything. This Pandemic has taught us one thing for sure. Be squeaky clean and keep the stuff you use clean as well.

- Wear what you usually wear to work and then start working

Put on the shirt you wear to work, when at home. Maybe trade your shorts with trouser, but make a bit of an effort to wear something other than your pyjamas. This has to be one of the most shared strategies to work from home effectively. And it honestly works!
Ladies, put on a bit of lipstick and change into anything you like, but don't continue wearing the pyjamas.
It works wonders.

- Put an alarm to stop working

Knowing when to stop working has to be the most difficult things on days you work from home. But, just putting a simple alarm on your phone, to remind you to stop, is the easiest way to curb the overtime. Remember, you are at home, amidst a global crisis. There is no better time to appreciate your loved one than now. So plan your day properly and stop working at a set time every day.

- Go out to the balcony for some Sun

I can't stress enough on this. Get some sunlight. We are all locked inside. Not moving much. Getting some sun rays on your skin for a couple of minutes refreshes you, and restarts and rewires my brain every single time. It's like the quick coffee break, just with the Sun, instead of your colleagues/friends.

- Have lunch at lunchtime, not later!

- Connect with your colleagues

Send mails to all your colleagues, about something not related to work. Maybe some news updates. Maybe a thank you for something they helped you with. Connect with people. Don't force the isolation digitally as well. The virus doesn't spread digitally!

- Opt for video calls over a voice call

You will make sure you are presentable if you have a video call. Make the effort. See the face of other human beings in the middle of this isolation and lockdown. Thankfully we are that advanced in technology. Video calls are not only for Whatsapp and Pokemon cartoons! {High fives, if you got that reference}

Then there are the usual, sit somewhere else than the bed, spend time with your family, make a to-do list, Prioritize the bigger, more important work first. These are the few things you can do, to make treading through this new territory of working from home during the lockdown easier.


checklist on working from home productively , work from home tips

Here is a quick checklist for you to keep on track for working from home effectively. Pin it or share it with your friends, or tag me whenever you share it on Instagram- @Priyanjana!

Let me know how is it going for you guys in Will love to connect with you'll virtually.

Hoping you make work from home, work for yourself,

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