Fashion after the times of Corona Virus Pandemic

indian fashion after lockdown corona virus pandemic
Hey there! I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. This post is going to be a bit more announcements to fashion-related than fashion styling right now.

The whole reason for me starting the fashion section of Moonshine and sunlight was to showcase my personal style. Which I have done since I first posted my fashion post back in 2013.
It was all just to have fun and express myself in the times I wanted, like the time I wrote a love letter to myself.

But the motive of this whole thing has always been to use what I have in my closet, already. I have done very few sponsored posts in terms of fashion. I collaborated with only the brands I personally like and shop from. I am very happy about it honestly. But with the whole situation changing in the last few years from fast fashion to sustainability in fashion, has been such a refresher.

I recently talked about wearing two pieces of clothing which you might have as well, in a new way. I have always believed in wearing and re-wearing what I have.
But I guess I have never really expressed that part of my personal style here on this Indian Fashion blog. I say Indian fashion blog because I have done a bunch of posts specifically on sarees.

I think it's time to change.
Change for good.
So here are a few differences that will come about in Moonshine and Sunlight's fashion posts.

1. Styling your clothes, #YourstyleWithPriyanjana -
Well, I will not literally style your clothes, every month, I will randomly ask my followers on Instagram - (Follow me at @Priyanjana, if you don't yet), to suggest a theme of styling and a piece of clothing they will wear on such an occasion and pick out the best suggestion and style two outfits with the item of clothing.

indian girl with dupatta

2. One garment, 3 outfits, #ConsciousStylewithPriyanjana -
This I'd say is a pretty standard format, it's just something I have never done before. I believe in wearable fashion and by wearable, I mean something you can comfortably wear while taking the bus in India. The format will be like the video below, easy tricks we all can use.

3. Shopping smart, #FrugalStylingwithPriyanjana -
I shop during sales, most of the times. I do not have any hesitation to admit 90% of my clothes are shopped during the sale season. One thing I can say that I have mastered the art of Frugally shopping. and I can teach you a thing or two to save money and still look fabulous.

Fashion will be different after the pandemic in 2020. Coronavirus has been a difficult organism for us, humans, to deal with. But we will get through this, although the world will not be the same.

So we need to buckle up and help each other out. In every sense. We all are in this together and can't make everything better together. I might be able to help you with Fashion, nail art, and styling after the times of Coronavirus pandemic, through this blog. Someone else might be able to do the same with finances. Any and every aspect of this world that interests you and makes you happy is worth your time and attention.

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I hope you all stay safe with you dear ones during these trying time of the corona virus pandemic and bounce back stronger. 
If you have coronavirus symptoms, get tested.
Coronavirus transmission from pets is not happening so don't abandon your dogs and cats.

Stay safe, stay home, 

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