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Hey there!! Hope you are doing okay amidst this nightmare we are all trapped in. The Pandemic has affected so many things, but one good thing that came out of it for all of us I think. 
We got the "extra time" we all craved back when 2020 didn't hit us this hard. 

what are you trying out, learning, or doing during these times? I am capitalizing on this extra time and creating more and more content!

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But coming back to today's post. Now dressing in bright colours has always been my favourite. And this outfit has two, no, three of my favourite things. 

- Pleated skirt 
- Budget buy 
- Colorblocking 

The skirt I am wearing here was bought from a fair. A trade fair, I guess. I just paid 350 Rupees for this gorgeous and flowy skirt after bargaining it down to it, from 400. Not my best bargain, but I didn't mind the price, at all. 

Now that is enough for the story of this beautiful skirt. Here are a few tips for colour blocking your outfit, if that is the trend you want to try out. 

  • Go big or go home! With colour blocking, there is no playing safe. Think pinks with reds and oranges. Or shades of vibrant blue. clashing and mixing colours is the way to go. 
  • Have fun with multiple colours. Don't stop at two. Incorporate more colours.  I incorporated blue with green and purple, in my make up! 
  • Vary the level of accessorizing. I kept to minimal accessories since I was working with cooler, jewel tones, I paired silver jewellery with these. 

long skirt styling , styling a long skirt , pleated skirt
Color blocking 

walking in style
Colour blocking 

Fashion and make up blogger bangalore , priyanjana roy
Color blocking with nails and makeup 

Twirl in long skirt, wearing pleated long skirt in all season

Indian girl in long skirt , indian fashion blogger
Color blocking 

how to style a long skirt, wearing long skirt in india
Colour blocking 

Hope you will try these. Let me know if you colour block your outfits on Instagram or Twitter or mail me at! 


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