Dr. Sheth's Haldi and Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask Review

Dr Sheth's Haldi and Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask Review 

Dr. Sheth's Haldi and Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask Review

Skincare takes effort, commitment and really good products that work for you. One such product, That I found after a bunch of trial and error with various overnight skincare products, is the Sleeping Mask from Dr.Sheth's - the Haldi and Hyaluronic sleeping mask. 

I will detail out how to use this particular product, and what my thoughts are on this today. So, read on my fellow skincare enthusiast. 

Dr Sheth's Haldi and Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask Review 

Price - 850 INR

Packaging - 
Thoughtful is the word that comes to mind. The packaging is really luxurious and given that this is an affordable sleeping mask, especially in India, that is saying something. I love the gold cap and the glass jar. You have to be very careful while handling this though. 
Also, the outer carton, describing the Haldi and the hyaluronic acid is really sophisticated. 

Product - 
The Dr Sheth sleeping mask has a jelly-like consistency and smells amazing. Doesn't spread as easily as I would like but good nonetheless. Smells very earthy and refreshing, almost like fresh turmeric. Has small yellow globules which burst and spread along with the jelly. 

How to use - 
The Haldi sleeping mask has to be used at night, preferably before sleeping. I like to do my skincare routine a little late or just before going to sleep when I use this. I use this on alternate nights. 

Apply this over your night cream/moisturiser, not just on its own. 

ingredients of dr sheth haldi sleeping mask

packaging of haldi sleeping mask review

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dr sheth sleeping mask review
Overnight sleeping mask has haldi globules 

My experience - 

Skin feels glowy and reduces some acne spots over a long period of time. Also, If I have some red and angry pimple coming up, the next morning usually they are really to pop. Not that I pop them, but you know what I mean.  I have sensitive and acne-prone skin and it feels so good to have something that helps with the acne, literally overnight. I have also noticed a subtle improvement in my skin texture. But will update after a couple months. 

All in all, I am a fan of the Haldi & Hyaluronic Mask from Dr.Sheth's. I have tried their other products as well. Will review them soon, 
But as far as the sleeping mask from dr.sheths is concerned, I would absolutely recommend you to try it! 

Let me know if you have tried this or purchase it after reading this! tweet on @Priyanjanaa or DM me on Insta at - @Priyanjana

*Thoughts are my own. Product purchased from the website. 

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