Priveda CICA Night Cream Review

Auur Priveda CICA rejuvenating Night Cream Review

priveda night cream review

Night creams are often the most important part of one's skincare routine. All the hard work of making the skin perfect is usually left on this one product. Any concern that you and I might have usually is this one product's job to correct. And when you come across such a product that does the job perfectly, I can completely understand if you are ecstatic! 

I understand because my feelings are on the same lines after I started using Priveda CICA Night cream. 

In Korean skincare products especially, you can find Cica as a common ingredient, but let's face it, all of them are pretty expensive. Cica essentially is a shorter term for Centella Asiatica, a green that's both eaten and commonly used as a medicinal herb in Asia. It is also known as Gotu Kola in India. 

and when I saw that a product with Cica was easily available as an affordable night cream in India, I went for it and placed the order on here.

I started using this right away and I am honestly amazed by how good this works for me. read on for more details in my classic format :D. 

Night cream india affordable
Cica Night cream

best cica product in india
cica night cream

Ingredients in CICA night cream
Ingredients for CICA Night cream 

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Here is the review for Priveda Rejuvenating night cream with Cica - 

Price - 899 INR is the MRP, but I bought it for 599 INR, check it out here. 

Packaging - The only thing I think can improve just a bit. Even though I like the minimal packaging of the box, the design can be improved a bit in my opinion. 

The packaging of the product itself is perfect. It comes in a glass jar with a silver screw cap. They also have given a cute transparent spatula/spoon to pick up the product from the jar, which earns them extra brownie points! 

Product - 

The Night cream, as expected is heavy in texture. The slightly pale yellow cream smells very herbal, earthy and relaxing. The fragrance of a night cream is very important for me, since it lingers till we all fall asleep, and this has a very comforting one. You just need a little amount, I have been using this for almost a month now and have just used up a little bit. 

This is anti-ageing, skin-soothing {absolutely}, moisturizing. Also, the night cream from priveda doesn't contain parabens or mineral oil and is completely an ayurvedic product. 

For application - Take just a little bit on your fingertips, and warm up the product with your hands. Pat the product on your facial and neck skin and feel the product spread and melt into your skin.  Make sure you use a toner to clean your skin properly after washing your face. Since the Priveda Rejuvenating Cica night cream is has a heavy texture in creams, it is advisable to have toned skin, before application. 

Spatula with night cream affordable
Priveda cica night cream

Swatch for nigth cream priveda cica

My experience - 

I LOVE THIS! Honestly. I was a bit sceptic because of the texture in the beginning since my sensitive skin behaves very weirdly to heavy creams, but this not only calmed my skin down, it also made a huge difference in my skin texture. 

I noticed smoothness in my skin texture, calming of some acne breakout I was facing and a healthy-looking moisturized, not oily, skin every day when I woke up. 

I am definitely recommending the Priveda Rejuvenating Cica Night cream for anyone with combination and sensitive skin! 

Let me know if you end up trying this product, in the comments or drop me a mail at! 
I also took up a week-long challenge to use this as the only product. Watch how it works for me yourself! 

Lots of love, 

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