Bring your spa Home with Vanya Herbals AnaarCleanse and AnaarBlend

Vanya herbal pomegranate range body oil and body scrub  

vanya herbals review , vanya herbal body oil

Hey there! I know you are reading this because you are missing all those good old spa days but you are not alone. I had the blues like you but thankfully was able to remedy them with the luxurious products from Vanya Herbals. So here is a quick guide on How to do a body spa at home! All by yourself! 
But first, let me tell you this, I will also do a quick review of each product used and then tell you how to use them. 

So let's get started, with the Review of Vanya herbals AnaarCleanse pomegranate body scrub and Vanya Herbals AnaarBlend Pomegranate Body massage oil

vanya herbals review , vanya herbal pomegranate range

vanya herbals review , vanya herbal pomegranate range

vanya herbal pomegranate anaarcleanse scrub for body review
Vanya herbal pomegranate AnaarCleanse scrub for body 

AnaarCleanse Body scrub by Vanya Herbal Review 

Price - 975 INR for 80gms 

Product - The body scrub comes in a metal container and is very luxuriously packed. The whole pomegranate range of products from Vanya herbal has such beautiful packaging that I fell in love, the moment I saw these. 

The scrub itself has a very gloopy and sticky kind of texture, with medium-sized granules. I actually liked the texture of the scrub because it was very easy to use it for a longer time and then wash off. The granules actually stuck for a longer time till I was done, so I didn't have to use more of the scrub again and again. 

The fragrance is a mix of fruity and earthy smell. Think pomegranate, apple and a bit of vetiver! And if you want to feel fresh for long, like you would after a spa, this is perfect. The fragrance lingers on, almost ALL DAY! I used this in the morning and could smell this till evening, on my skin. 

My experience - It is very easy to use and perfect for body polish. Use it with your hands, not a scrub glove or any other device. It makes the skin feel smooth immediately, works well for my normal skin. But is best suited for dry and mature skin!

Some benefits of this scrub are that it promotes efficient circulation and skill turnover by removing dead cells from the skin's surface and also De - tans skin in the process. It also draws out impurities and clears congestion from the skin! And to top it all off, the ellagic acid present in the pomegranate body scrub locks moisture in the skin, making and keeping skin soft and supple, all while maintaining the pH balance of the skin! 

vanya herbals review , vanya herbal pomegranate range, indian beauty blogger

AnaarBlend Body massage oil by Vanya Herbal Review

Price - 750 INR for 100 ml (Buy Here)

Product - This colourless beauty of an oil, smells amazing, applies smoothly and gets soaked into the skin pretty fast. It does not have a very strong fragrance, I like the mild fragrance of the oil. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free and full of high-quality cold-pressed oils. Over time this oil promises to make the skin smooth and supple, but after a couple uses, I haven't seen any visible difference. But will update after a few uses. The oil does not feel sticky, which is a big plus point for me. 

The AnaarBlend body massage oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals since it contains real pomegranate fruit along with the goodness of beetroot. These make it great for conditioning, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin! 
The Vanya herbal body massage oil keeps skin moisturised for longer, by locking the moisture in, so a boon for dry skinned beauties! Regular use also helps prevent damage to the skin! 

My experience - 
I gave my feet a good massage with this and to say the least, it was very relaxing. The mild fragrance will transport you to the perfect environment of a spa! Just add a bit of relaxing music to the mix and you are sorted!

You can use this before or after the shower. In case of a spa day, I used this before scrubbing. But you can also use this, after a warm shower. Massage it lightly so that the skin soaks up all the goodness of the pomegranate oil since your pores will be open after the shower! 
You can later wipe it off if you feel the need. 

How to do a DIY body spa with Vanya Herbal Pomegranate range of body products

Step 1: Browse through youtube on "DIY massage basics", pretty good tips and tricks for you to choose from. 

Step 2: Get ready with your Vanya herbal AnaarBlend pomegranate body massage oil. 

Step 3: Follow the tips and tricks for your shoulder massage or foot massage or body massage, with a little bit of oil at a time. It spreads well, so be mindful of the quantity. 

Step 4: Relax and let your skin soak up all the goodness for at least an hour. 

Step 5: Run and warm shower and, With your Vanya Herbal AnaarCleanse pomegranate body scrub, cleanse off the oil and all the dead skin. and enjoy your shower! The scrub in the container is concentrated, so I mixed with a bit of rose water and used it.

Step 6: Pat dry your self, don't rub the towel on your skin! & Rejoice in the beautiful, silky smooth feel of your skin!

Please keep in mind, that these are the steps I followed but if you have oily skin read on ! -

Follow all steps apart from step 2 above! But here is the modification. 

Step into a warm shower and cleanse your skin with soap or gel of your liking. Then, mix a bit of Vanya herbal pomegranate body scrub with clean water or rose water, then scrub off all the impurities.
Make sure you scrub all the granules of the body scrub in!

 Maintaining gentle pressure to massage the scrub in circular motions on your body and back. Till each gram of the pomegranate peel dissolves into the skin, this will make sure you benefit from the antioxidant tannins present of the peel.  

I would recommend this routine, once every 14 days! Since we are all at home, but if it was all normal, a weekly routine would be better! But you can use the oil up to 3 times a week, so yay for that! 

Body Care range with pomegranate from Vanya Herbal

Ingredients of Vanya herbal anaarblend

vanya herbals review cruelty free, vegan, paraben free products
Ingredients of AnaarCleanse 

I personally enjoyed my experience with the body care products from Vanya Herbals! I will soon share my experience with their skincare products, like the Vanya herbal rose water! stay tuned for the same! 

Let me know what you think of these products? Have you tried them before?


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