The luxury skincare routine with Vanya Herbal for Sensitive skin

Vanya herbals pomegrante products
Introducing My updated skincare

Vanya herbals pomegrante products skincare range

Being a skincare enthusiast, I love trying out different skincare products all the time. But, honestly, I have to be very careful about what I choose to try, all thanks to my sensitive skin. Now that I am above 25 years old, maturing skin is slowly becoming another concern, along with sensitive skin. 

So, when I found out about a skincare range that caters to maturing skin as well as sensitive skin, I jumped right at the opportunity to give the skincare regime a try.

The Pomegranate skincare range from Vanya Herbal, paired with their cult Pure Himalayan rose water and Tulsi and turmeric oil face cleanser worked out very well for me! And honestly, I can't see myself going back to my old favourites in case of a few products. Read on to see, which ones I am talking about. 

So here is my updated skincare regime, which I am such a fan of right now. Sharing the review of what I use every day, in the order of using them. 

But before I do, I'd like to mention that Vanya Herbal packaging is something I have seen for the first time. I love the cute metallic tubs, the products come in. The lace detailing on each of them really gives the luxury brand's feel. The unique thing about the packaging is the way they are packed with a foil, covering the herbal products. Also, all of their products are Cruelty-free and Paraben free! 

Vanya herbals pomegrante products skincare range

Vanya herbals pomegrante products skincare range tulsi and haldi

Price - 795 INR 

Product -
You wouldn't think of this product as a face cleanser at the first go. The product comes in a metallic container and looks like a cream. But, let me tell you this, it is THE perfect face cleanser for people with my skin type. For people with sensitive and acne-prone skin, this is soo good. It smells amazing, with a little touch of tulsi. It does not froth up but instead feels like a gel working on your skin, just like a Facial cleanser and not your everyday face wash. I noticed that it works wonders for my Pimples, it's because of the anti-inflammatory properties of both the key Ingredients. 

I would have preferred if this was in a tube, but for the work it does, I m ready to accommodate the packaging. I love that it doesn't strip your face of natural oils. It leaves your skin feeling fresh. 

This is one product I will Keep purchasing for sure! Highly recommended for acne-prone skin, from my personal experience. 

Suitable for - For all skin types. 

Usage - On your face, apply just a little bit of the cleanser, and massage lightly with it like a cream, for a couple of minutes. With light pressure. wash it off or wipe it off, whichever you feel suits your needs. You can also use warm water to wash it off, I prefer warm water as well. It works well to take off light makeup as well.

Vanya herbal rose water

Generous amount of misting

Ingredient details 

Price - 550 INR

Rosewater has always been my choice of toner after cleansing my face. Vanya Herbal is famous for their Himalayan rose steam distilled rose water, so I was very excited when I got to try this. I wasn't surprised to see the quality of the rose water is great. Feels very soothing and works very well on a cleansed face, to tone the skin. But I am used to a certain fragrance of rose water, even when I steam distil my batch at home. But what bothered me with this product was the fragrance. It was not what I would have expected and felt a bit odd.  

I have used this on my hair and scalp, although it feels like wasting such a precious product. It is not wasting it, at all. My scalp feels very calm and moisturised and I have a very dry scalp, so that is saying something. 

Suitable for - All skin types

Usage - Since this bottle comes with a spray, it is pretty easy to use. Just mist your face after washing, generously with this. Wait till the skin has absorbed the goodness and then move on to the next product.

Vanya herbal face cream review

Vanya herbal face cream review

Vanya herbal face cream review pomegranate

Price -  1,175 INR

Product -  A beautifully fragrant cream.Can be built up easily, from a light moisturizer to a heavy night cream with multiple layers. I have used this for day and night and loved it for both the times. Makes your skin look fresh and healthy and the best part is that it doesn't make your skin feel oily after a few hours. 
You need just a little bit of the cream to smoothly spread and apply on your skin. It smells like something my mom used to use way back. Has a floral kind of fragrance, but nothing strong, so that is great. 
You can sometimes feel a certain tightness in your skin, right after applying this. This actually feels pretty good on the skin. Since Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C, it works wonders for signs of ageing! 

Suitable for - Specially designed for Dry and Mature skin, but works well on my combination, sensitive skin. 

Usage - To seal in the moisture, use it after the Vanya Herbal Himayalan Rosewater. Day and night, both times this cream works well. Just use a little at a time as this is very moisturizing. 

my most used products

And apart from these on a daily basis, My weekly or sometimes bi-weekly routine consists of these two products. 

Vanya Herbal ANAARSHINE Pomegranate Face Scrub review 

Price -  895 INR - Buy Now 
This might be the only product that I was a little shocked to see. Since most products from Vanya Herbal comes in a concentrated form, Like the Vanya Pomegranate Body scrub, I wrote about in my weekly spa routine, the products itself are little in quantity. 

But, It ends up running way longer than expected, when you dilute them for each use. Same case with this gem of a product. This is the second product, which I am going to buy again and again. Why? 
Because my sensitive skin fell in love with this mild scrub! Mix it with the steam distilled rose water to dilute and lightly scrub on your face. You can feel the little scrub particles melt in the skin. this smells exactly like sweet pomegranate, so think of this as a scrub that gives a boost of antioxidants to your skin. 
It leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and clear of any kind of suffocation.

Suitable for -  All skin types

Usage - For Oily skin, you can use this for up to 5 times a week preferably at night. For normal and combination skin, a max of 3 uses is suggested per week. I have used the pomegranate scrub twice a week, for my sensitive skin. 

Vanya pomegranate scrub for face
Face mask from vanya herbals

Anaarglo face mask

Vanya Herbal  ANAARGLO Pomegranate Face mask review

Price - 1485 INR Buy Now
A gel-like face mask, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins because of the pomegranate extracts, Himalyana geranium essential oil and pure aloe vera gel in this. It is a very moisturizing mask. This definitely brings on a "glo" on the skin. Opens up the pores and makes skin ready for another week's stress. 
I love the way this mask spreads out thinly and brings on the fresh glow on my skin. The fact that it is made especially for sensitive skin is very evident with the way it performs on my skin. 

Suitable for - All skin types, but made especially for Sensitive skin

Usage - On a clean face or after steaming your face apply a thin layer of the face mask. If you want after application, cover your face with a hot towel, to seal in all the goodness. Or just relax for 15-20 minutes and let this work its magic. 

There you go! My Updated skincare regime, which fits all the requirements of my sensitive skin. I honestly have not faced any new pimples in the span I have used this regime and can safely say that works well for acne-prone skin. 
That is the best part of luxury herbals, you can safely use them with the knowledge of what is in them. 

Let me know if you have used any of these products or are planning on using any of these. 


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