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Masterlife app download review

Hey there! Hope you are all good and safe. During the pandemic, there have been many revelations for all of us I guess. But, the worst part is the pressure of utilizing the extra time we have all ended up with. But what if I say that you can actually utilize all the time you have to learn a helpful life skill? MasterLife is a platform that can help you with it, now during the pandemic and also when hopefully all is well. Because all you need is just 10 minutes a day.

I have been using the MasterLife platform to learn a great many things and it has helped me with my finances and life skills over the period. So let me guide you with how to get started and why this is the platform to be on.

MasterLife is not your everyday learning platform, it helps you to up-skill in different areas of your life through self-paced learning to inculcate habits for life, which enables you to be your best, happiest self. You can download the app from Google Play Store as well as

So how to get started? It is very simple. When you register, you are asked a few questions. Answer them honestly and then MasterLife app provides you with an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

masterlife app

Masterlife app download review

As you can see from my stats, I needed some work on my financial decisions and knowledge. I went ahead to work on the same because I knew it was spot on! The contribution part I am still figuring out, but like I mentioned, you can work with MasterLife on your life skills at your own pace.

Apart from this, I started a 30 days yoga course to get fit in a month too, and I am very happy with how that is progressing. Because I needed something to get me acclimatized first and then teach me the basics and progress thereafter.

Each and every expert takes it very slowly, starting from the basics and then building up. So if you are starting something for the very first time, be rest assured that you will get what is being taught.


So here are all the details of what they offer and their approach.

The Vital 8 Method of MasterLife

-              There are 8 areas in life that need to be fulfilling to achieve peak levels of happiness.

-              We calibrate your Happiness Quotient via scientifically-backed assessments.

-              We help you plan your forward journey to self-actualization.


What they offer:

Life Assessment

Take exclusive Masterlife assessments

Compare your life skill scores with the rest of the country. 

Master Experts

MasterLife collaborates with the best - learn from inspiring origin stories and insightful journeys of self-actualization.

From financial investing and physical health to mental well-being and attracting the right partner – the wide range of programs will help you keep increasing your HQ score across the board.

Self-Paced Programs

- Develop and master good habits through exclusive 30-day programs.

- Take up one or more programs at a time to work towards a newer you every 30 days.

Community-Based Programs

- Join a community that’s on a quest towards a higher happiness quotient.

- Stay motivated using a buddy system approach to completing courses. 

Book Deconstructions

- Choose from optimally tagged literature to fill up your knowledge tank.

- Each deconstruction is a quick run-through with important lessons, memorable quotes, and inspiring author backstories.


Masterlife app download review
Masterlife app download review

Life Skill Videos

- Lead by Masterlife Founder Anirudh Narayan.

- Free additional content to help you upskill across important categories like EQ,  finance, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, to name a few.


Some of the upcoming courses you might be interested in –

Unleash Your Intuition in 30 Days

Learn to Read 2X the Speed in 30 Days

Go Zero Waste in 30 Days

Learn About Passive Income in 30 Days

Discover Your Vision & Gifts in 30 Days

Learn to Play Poker in 30 Days

Get good at Conflict Resolution in 30 Days

Learn To Connect with Anyone in 30 Days

Become a Water Warrior in 30 Days

Learn About Taxation in 30 Days

Get Good At Dating in 30 Days

Create a Positive Body Language in 30 Days

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Build Muscle in 30 Days

Become Sustainable & Eco-Friendly in 30 Days

Lose 3% Body Fat in 30 Days

Go Plastic Free in 30 Days

How to Manifest Your Best Life in 30 Days

Improve Your EQ in 30 Days

Add Fun in Your Life in 30 Days


The Masterlife app is available on both Android and iOS. The courses are available to you as a teaser without the subscription. They have a monthly subscription plan, a yearly subscription plan and also a per course fee as well, so that you are free to choose whichever path you want to pursue.

Let me know if you download the app and use it! I'd recommend you to. 

Stay safe, 


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