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Hey Guys!! Hope you are all well. Now that the Indian government is lifting the Lockdowns in Phases with the #Unlock phases, it is time to go out, but again, if required only. Let’s try our best to stop the spread of the Corona Virus! I haven’t gone out yet. Fortunately, the nature of my job doesn’t require me to go out and I have been staying at the house and using the little extra time to pamper myself.

The opportunity to try the Vedix Personalized Hair care regime came in at the right time. As I was losing a lot of hair because of all the stress and change in lifestyle I needed to try something that will work for me in a gentle and natural manner.

Vedix has an approach that aligns with my views of self-care and pampering, and hence when they approached me to try their Ayurveda based personalized hair care regimen, I jumped at the offer.

The steps are simple, you Go to the Vedix Website and simply take a test or the vedix hair quiz to understand the kind of dosha according to Ayurveda you have. 

There are three doshas – Kapha, Vatta and Pita. This forms the base of any ayurvedic medicine and Doctors at vedix also follow the same principle. You hair problem is related to your dosha and tackling it the way it is supposed to be is the best.

vedix review ayurvedic hair care

vedix hair care review

So I did that, I went ahead and answered a few questions about my hair problem and my lifestyle. Got to know that I have Pita and Vatta doshas. Haha, double bonanza.

So I was given a Shampoo and hair oil specific to my particular dosha along with a Hair serum.

Here is what I have to say about my experience with the Vedix customized ayurvedic hair regimen. and a little bit about how to use vedix hair products

Vedix Customised Ayurveda Anti Hair fall Oil – The first step of the Haircare regime customized for me is the hair oil made to control hair fall. I wanted to first counter the hair fall that I was facing, hence I gave that the most importance while answering the vedix hair questionnaire.

The hair oil itself is my new favourite. The oil smells great and applies on the hair even better. I like the fact that the oil gets absorbs easily by scalp and hair and helps in nourishing. This has definitely helped reduce my hair fall. The oil is given in this pack sure will last you after the shampoo has finished up. I make sure I leave it on for the night, you can also apply the oil around 2 hours before shampoo.

Vedix Customised Ayurveda Anti Hair fall Shampoo – The shampoo customized for your dosha has various set of ingredients, but the base is silicon free and SLS free. My customized Shampoo smells like coconuts and tulsi. The shampoo doesn’t lather much but does a good job at cleaning the oil off of the scalp well.

The quantity of the shampoo is the only grievance I have when I think about it. Because I really like how clean and soft my hair feels after a wash.

Vedix Customised Ayurveda Hair Re-growth Serum – The third and last step in the customized ayurvedic regimen is a hair regrowth serum. Once you are done with the shampoo, apply a few drops of the serum on your hair and scalp.

You may feel a bit of tingly sensation after applying this, but that was fine with me. I can’t say that I see this working, but I guess this is the product that will take most of the time to show results. and I was using this for a month. 

Now that I am back from a break and to my skincare and hair care cupboard, this is going to be my new regime again! So follow me on Instagram at @Priyanjana for regular updates om how this fares again when used after a gap. 

All in all, I know this helped me, I know I am going to buy this again one hundred per cent and I will Highly recommend the Vedix Hair care regime! 

Let me know if you try! 



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