Heart on stripes Nail art tutorial | Step By Step

Easy Valentine's Day Nail art Tutorial

Hey everyone! The "Valentine's Week" is going on and there is no better time to sport a heart nail art! So After the Garden of Hearts nail art tutorial, I am back with one more tutorial before Valentine's Day! 

I had promised you two tutorials, but I don't think I will be able to make a tutorial for the next one! Let's see if I can somehow manage , until then try this super , super simple nail art! 

Step by step tutorial

1. First , like I always say, apply a base coat and let it dry. Then on your thumb and middle finger apply a silver glitter polish. I have used Maybelline Dazzling Diva, because I wanted the sand texture. 

step 1

On Your Thumb 
2. Apply a plain white polish on your ring finger. and let it dry completely. 

Step 2 

3. Apply dark pink nail polish on your forefinger and little finger. Let it dry. 

Step 3

  4. With the silver glitter polish draw three lines on the white polish, i.e. on your ring finger. Leave enough space to draw one more line between the silver lines.

Step 4

5. Using a black polish or acrylic color (anything you like), draw two stripes horizontally in between the silver lines. Let both the polishes dry. 

Step 5

6. After the stripes are dry , Draw a small heart on the side of your little finger, on the ring finger. My pink polish was all dried up and gloopy , hence the deformed heart!  

Draw the heart 
7. Finish off all the nails with two coats of a clear top coat! Except the glitter polish, if you like to keep it sandy! 

Heart on Stripes
You can use tape to get proper stripes, I prefer being a little imperfect :P! 

I hope you will try this easy nail art , and do let me know if you are liking these step by step nail arts or not! :D. 

Valentine's Day nail art 

Easy Valentine's Day Nail art Tutorial

I still have this on my nails because I don't want to take this off! And my snap-chat is filled with snaps of this nail art!!! If you are not following me there, add me using my username - "priyanjana_mns" , also, I did this as a twin nail on my instagram in collaboration with Drishti. 

Check it out here and if you are not following me then don't forget to hit that follow button! :D  

Now when I look at her nail art , I think about why I didn't use tape!!! I willd o something like this again with tape !! FOR SURE !! :P 

Till then Have a great Valentine's week with your loved one!! 

Loads of love, 

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