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My age is 23 and I am a 90's child, who is a Harry potter nerd and knows everything about the cartoons of Cartoon network,so, is it okay for me to be a little old fashioned in some ways  and actually not give a damn about things related to society, related to things like "Log kya kahenge"("What will the society/people think about this?")? 

I would like to know your views and I am sharing mine! Because, as ironic as it may sound coming from a blogger, I like to keep a part of my private life away from the Social media. 
I know updating everything on social media related to your relationships (romantic and familial) is the fad right now and people will call you "Old fashioned"( and also for a lot of different reasons) if you don't do the same as well! 
But , like I said, I don't give a d*mn about it, about people calling me old fashioned, especially in case of somethings that I think are totally superficial! 

Bangalore fashion blog

Bangalore fashion blog , gold geometric ring

Bangalore fashion blog
 Shirt - People
Denims - Levi's 
Ring - Old 
Necklace - Forever 21 
Sling bag - Nine west 
Heels - Westside 

What do you think of being "old fashioned" in 2016? Will people call you old fashioned for something or are you a person who always keeps up with the latest trends?
Let me know in the comments below!! 

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