Lotus Herbals Tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel review

Lotus Tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel review

The summer is here! So is the sweaty and hot weather, along with the beautiful flowers long days! Well, everything has a good and a bad side to it! Like my combination skin! It’s not oily like oily skin and not very dry like dry skin. That is the good point, but I always have to look out products that would suit both skin types! BAAAD point!  And I usually get all my pimples in my T-zone! 

Lotus Tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel review,price in India

But I have miraculously found a way to avoid them!  Tea tree oil! But I cannot carry the small bottle of the oil, because it is a glass bottle and costs a lot! 

But then I found something equally good with the goodness of tea tree oil! Lotus tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel is an awesome alternative to tea tree oil. I bought this last year in December ,also mentioned about this in my first haul post and have been using it since then and till date it has worked on almost every pimple!

Let’s get on with the review,

Package: - The gel comes in a plastic bottle and has a pump tube for dispensing the product.  The pump tube is also covered with a transparent cover. And the bottle than contains the gel is also transparent. The bottle is medium in size and would be easy to carry. And since it has a cover on the pump, which is quite tight, you don’t have to worry about the spilling of the product.

Lotus herbals Tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel review,price in India

Product: - The anti-pimple gel claims to work on severe acne within 2 weeks. Since I have a pimple or two, it works within 2-3 days. The product is a viscous gel, faintly yellow colored. The fragrance is very refreshing and is like tea tree oil. I like the fragrance.  Spreads evenly.The consistency is very thick.

You need to apply a thin layer on the pimples and let dry for a few minutes, on a clean face. The product has to be applied every three hours, which I do in case I am staying at home the whole day.

Lotus herbals Tea tree anti-pimple and acne gel review,price in India

My experience: - To sum up my experience I would say that I am completely satisfied with the gel as it seems to work on me. The fragrance is very good and since it is a product from lotus it is herbal. So I would buy this again when I finish this.  I usually use this when I see a pimple coming up. Since it has a pump tube, it is hygienic. One bottle can last ages!

I would Highly Recommend it for those who have acne prone skin.And it is worth every rupee.

Price: - 245 INR
Quantity: - 100 g
Rating: - 5/5

Have you used it?? How was your experience?

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