First ever haul post !

Hello dearies! Today after a really really long time I went out with my mom to have some fun and ...

Hello dearies!

Today after a really really long time I went out with my mom to have some fun and finally bought a few things that I was waiting to buy for a long time!

haul post

I was soo excited throughout the day that it suddenly struck me that I must share with you my sweet little haul and do my very first haul post !

I find it really exciting to read all my fellow bloggers haul posts!

so here goes my post !

colorshow nail polishes

colorshow nail polishes

I had been longing to buy a color show nail polish , and due to my busy schedule I couldn't take out time and do a little shopping !

I fell in love with the Color show velvet wine the first time I saw that on facebook !
And the first color I asked for was the same ! velvet wine !

lotus herbals acne gel

and I bought 2 more shades from color show range I will be renewing soon!
and since recently I have been facing a little pimple problem I decided to give the Lotus herbals acne gel a try !

I will be reviewing them very soon! :)

So excited ! :D

One more reason for me being excited is that I have been featured on here. Trust me this is a BIG reason for being Happy . All thanks to Anamika of Wise she.

Please do check this out :D

Hope you like this ! 

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  1. Its a lovely haul :) Love those Color Show NP's <3

    1. Thanks Vipra !
      Oh those colors are just wow ! i'll be buying some more very soon! :D

  2. thats a lovely haul! waiting for the reviews :)

    1. Thanks Lisha dear :)

      Yup will be reviewing them very soon ! :D

  3. What is haul? You get them free for review?
    These products are enticing.

    1. haul is basically what I have bought.
      These are not for free! I wish !

      Thank youu Indrani

  4. Lovely Haul dear! I am loving the Color show Polishes these days..Such gorgeous shades!

    1. Thanks dear !
      Yeah color show polishes are adorable and economical ! that's a gr8 combo! Love all the shades :D

  5. Nice stuff. Love those colorshow polishes

  6. love those colourshows............i too want it!!!!!!!gonna try it...........


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