Free "Beautiful" wallpaper and a beautiful realization

Hello all my beautiful visitors

Today is all about being beautiful.
Not from the outside.No!
But from the inside. Today is all about making yourself believe that no matter what you are the most beautiful girls around!

And you might be thinking why all of a sudden I am talking about being beautiful from the inside. Correct?

I'll tell you why. 
Because a few week back I had received an e mail from ( By the way this is one great place for all questions to be answered ), it is more like a daily " fact mail " for me . They have this great thing called "Daily Aha"  ( Do check these out these are fab!) and the one I am talking about said that 

Only 4% of women actually consider themselves to be beautiful!

And to be honest when I thought about it I could not put myself  into that category too , But I never thought that it would be 4% only in the whole world!

Then I thought why can't I put myself into that category ! I do not have to be beautiful as the world defines beauty. Hell , I don't have to be beautiful at all! All it does is cause more trouble! 
(If you know what I mean girls ;)!! )

but then how can I resist all those lovely shoes and dresses ,wear them and not look good ! ;)

Then I realized that I must help all those beautiful women out there to realize the same thing first, in a small ,may be tiny , way   ! You don't have to be beautiful the way the world defines being beautiful ! All you gotta do is love the person you see in the mirror.

So I sat down and made this cutesy pink wallpaper to remind myself and all my beauties that 
"Girl, you are beautiful"

so download it set it as your wallpaper and rock the world as your computer will always say "Hey there beautiful!" 

Inspiratoinal wallaper

Hope You get some help and If you didn't need it , enjoy the wallpaper any ways and stay motivated :D

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Enjoy and Be beautiful!  

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