Fruttini Raspberry and cream body scrub review

My first review on something that smell delicious! read on to know what that is !

fruttini raspberry scrub review

It has been a while I have started blogging.
I started to blog cause i wanted to meet new people experience new things, know what is trending
and most importantly share what I feel like and whenever I feel like.

I have shared a lot of crafts , nail arts and health and beauty tricks. and also the wallpapers I created !

But then I thought , why not share my experiences with some things I buy !

This is gonna be my first review , and a special one as I will be reviewing something that was also my first !

My first giveaway prize!! Giveaways are one of the best things I found when I started blogging.

fruttini raspberry scrub review

I won this giveaway on

one more reason for me reviewing this product is because this is like those products which is connected in some way or the other to nature!

Fruttini Raspberry cream body scrub, here goes the review { my first , so please feel free to correct me }

fruttini raspberry scrub review

What I liked :

The smell is amazing . and you will instantly fall in love with the fresh fruity smell of raspberry.

The scrub is very good and gives a very smooth skin as a result afterwards.

The packaging is good and tight.

the consistency of the scrub is great and the small scrub particles are like fresh fruit pieces.

What I did not like

The amount is a little too much for carrying around ( like when you are traveling )

except for this nothing is wrong!

I would rate this 4.5/5 !

Company : Frutinni ( Read about them here on

Quantity : 200 ml 

You can check out my mehendi here


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