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handmade diwali card

Diwali for us Indians is the biggest festival , all in all. Firecrackers,gifts,sweets,cards and a lot of new things define Diwali and of course the Puja.
So keeping in mind Diwali I made this simple card with just a little bit of bling. read on to see what are the components!

traditional diwali card

Supplies used:

Red card stock ,
Grey Card stock,
Pearl cabochon ( petal shaped and round),
pair of scissors.

and Patience!


First cut out the base of your card.
I made the card using an A4 size cardstock

Then according to that cut out 2 red squares.I used 5x5 cm for the red squares.

Now comes the time taking part , first on the squares arrange the pearls and rhinestones, decide the design.

now patiently glue each and every component and let dry for sometime! I did not and had to suffer a bit with the diamond shape I made !

When both designs are done place them properly on the main card!

and use quilling strips of 5mm of the same red to add the border if you want to !

and you are done!
simple Indian design
Design 1
Indian diwali card
Design 2

Usually we always associate yellow and red as a combination for Diwali , I thought it would a little different to replace the yellow with grey !
and for me it turned out to be great !

Traditional diwali handmade card

And that's my sweet little brother holding up the background for me ! He is the sweetest thing in my life!!

would love to know what you think about the card and hope the tutorial helps you !

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