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There are times when we get very excited about a certain thing ,and we need to do it. Especially what we like.
I am a person who when wants to have something , I have to get it some way and especially when I had been expecting that it would happen.

This happened on The night of Dhanteras that in my hostel many of my batch mates were applying mehendi on their hands and the girl who was applying it , does it exceptionally well. So when I asked her will she be able to do it, unfortunately she turned me down. But for a valid reason, she was tired cause she had applied mehendi on 3 person's hands.

I was a little sad cause I wanted to apply mehendi too, and that too after a very long time. So I thought why not give it a try by myself.
And it didn't turn out to be very bad! and like I share everything I do, I am sharing the designs with you. Hope you like it.

And also some ways to darken the color of your mehendi.

So first the pictures.
How to darken mehendi
Easy mehendi design

Mehendi design
Easy floral mehendi design

Mehendi design,2013
Easy mehendi backhand design

mehendi design,backhand
Backside of the hand
Now, a few ways to darken your mehendi !

Before application :-

Do not apply anything like oil or moisturizer
Keep your hands clean and rub your hands very nicely before application
Apply on dry hands.

After application:-

Make a mixture of lemon juice and sugar in equal amount , after the mehendi has dried off lightly dab the mixture with the help of a small cotton pad. This is a sticky mixture and keeps the mehendi at place.

Keep your hands warm.

After you have shed of the dried of mehendi , gently, then try not to wash your hand with soap , water is fine , but you know too much of anything is not good :)

These few easy tricks will make sure your mehendi is dark enough.

After all I have a lot of experience with this , but this was the first time I myself applied mehendi on my own hand!I made a card for diwali also!

Do let me know what you think of this.

Feel free to let me know any more tricks in the comments! after all there is not end to tricks!

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