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We shop. We eat. We have fun. We stay connected to the internet always. These are a few things we do, and there are innumerable other things that we do in our lives every day. But to do anything we need to stay fit and healthy always. And considering the amount of harmful chemicals we are surrounded with these days, being healthy looks like a very tough job. 

But then again, everything has a solution. The solution here is to stick to the roots of our existence, to nature. Living in a healthy natural way can minimize the effects of harmful chemicals on us and hence, improve your lives. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can give you a healthy body. And I have already told you that I do not like chemically loaded products for my skin and hair. So, it is best if we stick to organic products! As they are naturally grown and has almost no chemicals!

And since these days everything can be bought online I had to find a website which stocks organic stuff. And I did come across one! From food to personal care everything can be found on a website named Joy by Nature!

 It is website which stocks organic products. They have organic grocery, natural beauty , home care and lots of other products but all of them from organic brands.
You can be rest assured of the quality as they only have products from the companies which maintain high standards of manufacturing. I found brands like down to earth , Iraya, Khadi and many other reputed companies here. 

Now let me show you the best features they have!
Not only products, but they also have a section in which you can find informative tips  on being healthy in an organic way like

  • Benefit's of natural products,
  • Naturallifestyle( covers home remedies and articles on healthy living)
  • Healthy version of food recipes 
  • "Ask an Expert" section (you can consult with Naturopathy experts.)

A few features I liked:-
  • You can call on a number for placing order.
  • They have organic grocery products.
  • The navigation is easy and there is a quick view  option
  • The detail of every product is properly provided.
  • The theme is very soothing, i.e. Blue and white is very soothing to eyes. The layout is also user friendly.
  • Everything is neatly categorized.
  • 30 day return policy

I would ask you to visit this portal and see for yourself what else you can find because they have a huge range of products! They even have Yoga mats!!! They have COD facility but on orders above 499 INR.

And I have an awesome offer for you guys!! You can get 10% discount, on purchases above 499, all this month if you buy anything from!!

Use the code JBNMOON10 when you are shopping from, but this is not available on COD.

I hope you will think about changing to organic stuff as they are really good. At least, do give organic food a thought.

Have you bought anything from this website?? Do you believe in having organic food and products??

*sponsored post,pictures taken from the website.

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