DIY Vintage Pink bracelet

At times I think what exactly qualifies for being vintage. Some new things also are called vintage and when I did a little research I understood why ! And then When I was making this blue mixed media bracelet I also made this. But couldn't understand what name to give to this one :).


So when I looked at the ceramic beads I thought of the word Vintage because the rose in the creamic beads qualify as a vintage-y rose :)! Abd above all it is CERAMIC! :D

I love the fact that the beads are square ! I fell in love with these when I first saw these beads.

I used a very pale pink colored plastic crystals which I had lying around in my craft box.

vintage  rose bracelet

So here is how I made this lovely looking stretchy bracelet 

You'll need :- 

Clear jewellery elastic
Pink crystal
Vintage ceramic beads ( I used the square bracelet )

Steps :-

Arrange the crystals and the beads and put it through the elastic.
tie a knot at the end and your done !

here are some pictures of the bracelet

vintage  rose bracelet

vintage  rose bracelet

vintage  rose bracelet

vintage  rose bracelet

I made other two with this, one I had posted a few days back :)
The blue mixed media bracelet and the other one is also a very simple one I'll be sharing very soon :)


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