An invitation and announcement of a nail art challenge

Hellloo everyone :)

I few days back on 5th I had declared  on my Facebook page that I would be hosting a nail art challenge , That is a week long nail art challenge on my blog starting from 13th of January till 19th of January. And I had also mentioned that I would be announcing the challenges on 8th !

 But then again I thought that it must be revealed a little earlier than that ! so I settled for something in the middle !Since it is 7th and evening , I am posting about it ! :D

This is the first nail art challenge I will be hosting. And this is purely to have fun and get to know a few more bloggers who love nail art !  I am myself a begginner with no nail art tool with me ! no brushes , no dotting tools! But like I said it is just about having fun!

I named the challenge "A trip down the nail art lane " because this will have some kind of link to your past ( only related with nail art and nail polishes ;) )

Hope to get some support from all of you lovely ladies ! :)

So here I am revealing the challenges for each day :)
First lets take a look at the rules :)

Rules :-

1. Post link to your daily creation in the inlinkz link , ( for example here just put your all time favorite nail art done by you )

2.Give the small image of the picture below ,  in your post at last and link it to that particular day's challenge post or this post, and mention about the challenge.

3.No giveaway, no etsy shop links please.

4.Share any picture present here on Facebook, twitter. Or pin two pictures on Pinterest from here.

Here goes the Challenge 


 I hope you have a lot of fun participating in it !!

And now it is turn to link in your favorite nail art ( pssstt.. the person with the most number of impressions will be invited for a guest post )

So enjoy and spread the word so that you can have fun with your friends too !!

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