5 ways to naturally control sweating in summer

Hello friends.
wondering if anyone of you get irritated by sweating during the summer season.
I do.So, I tried out a few simple methods and it miraculously worked!!!

I am sharing those with you

1.Drink water
Drinks lots and lots of water minimum 3 liters of water everyday,because we get dehydrated quickly during this time.

2.Drink lemonade or glucose 
Make sure that you drink at least one glass of lemonade or Glucose everyday.It help the body to retain water under the heat and the humidity.

3.Bath properly
If you sweat a lot , then take a bath, twice a day.Once as you normally do and the second time when you are not going out in the heat anymore ,i.e in the evening.
Use mild soap as very harsh soap tends to make your skin dry , which in turn increase sweating.

4.Keep your mind cool
The most important factor and most effective,meditate and calm your mind.
And when ever out in the sun try not to think about the sweat and the heat ( I know it is difficult but one can always try).

5.Green tea
This is one thing I can guarantee, that if you drink green tea once or twice a day, preferably in empty stomach your sweating will reduce drastically.

 Try the above ways and let me know what you feel about this

Do put on sun screen.

Enjoy the sunny days !!

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