5 superb sites for origami and kirigami

Hello everybody
Today is "Earth Day"
And the season is spring
so the day perfectly fits for celebrating Earth !!


My way of celebrating again is with some crafts
And what could be better than Origami and kirigami for this day

So I am sharing 5 superb sites for origami and kirigami

they have a lot of pretty ideas and tutorials for Kirigami mostly and for origami too.

2. http://a-year-of-origami.tumblr.com/
This blog has a lot of  difficult level origami .So this would be better for those who know quite a lot about this art.

3. http://en.origami-club.com/
This one is one of my most favorite origami blogs , has all types of origami instructions.

4. http://www.origami-instructions.com/
Good for simple origami step by step!!

5. http://origamimaniacs.blogspot.in/
My favorite , :D !!!

and this one is falls in the exceptional category
as this is in Russian, use a translator for this
but the picture instructions are good!!

have fun
keep DIYing!!
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