DIY Recycled Bookmark | Tutorial

Hello again!!
This week I have been doing a lot of reading.So,as usual in the hostel i didn't have any bookmark.

That is why i thought of making some cute book marks.
I didn't have much crafting material except for my scissors and glue!!

That's why I thought why not recycle the paper from my old copy covers.

DIY recycled bookmarks
And then I made these cute and quick bookmarks

Things you'll need:
Covers of old,used copies

Cut the covers in different shapes and sizes

1 should be just a little bit smaller than the other
Scissors,stapler ,fevicol

 Cut the paper in different shapes and sizes ,experiment !!!

Two same shapes for 1 bookmark,1 smaller and other bigger

Experiment with your shapes

 The next step comes the placing of the pieces

either put the smaller piece on the bigger piece or put it under
and then just staple at the center  of the book mark

Using stapler ,makes the bookmark stronger
and using glue is also a good alternative,if you don't want the stapler pin to be seen.

Either put smaller piece at front

or at the back

fot this one i put the smaller piece at the back

using the stapler ,staple at the middle

for this one I put the smaller piece on top

 Placing the bookmark is really easy

put one piece at the page you want to mark
slide it between some pages
and your done!!
slide it between the pages

experiment with different shapes and patterns

have fun!!
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