DIY Button Bookmark


Hey everybody!!

recently like I already said i have been reading quite a lot!!

So wanted to make a new type of bookmark again !!
so I raided my craft closet

and found that  I had these small paperclips and lots of buttons !!

it is also quick to do !!

you'll need
1.paperclips(well there is a lot of leeway here as per the size is considered but i used the small ones)
2.button(simple is sweet!!)
3.Glue (fast sticking)use fevi quick or hot glue

button bookmark steps
 The steps

1.Decide the combination of buttons and the paper clips.
2.Put the glue on the backside of the button 
3.Press the paper clip on the button and put a little bit of glue on it as well
4.with something hard press the paperclip on the button for about 10 seconds to keep it firm.

And after the glue is set ,your done with the bookmarks!!
and voila
you have your "cute as a button" book marks

button bookmarks

Like always i'll say Experiment with it !
let me know how it turned out for you !
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