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Hello every body
I hope you know the reason of my blogging break were  my exams

well it wasn't just blogging I took a break from , my lovely tresses also had to suffer

So finally I thought that it was high time I papered them with a little deep conditioning
And since I wanted a lovely quicky treatment ,I thought why not use the best Indian way

and for that I have a personal mix of oils which works wonders to make your hair soft and very very  manageable

I call it the 'Art oil'
you can see why below
Art oil for deep conditioning
So now comes the ingredients , they are 
1)Almond oil
2)Coconut oil
3)castor oil
4)olive oil
5)Bhringaraj oil( False Daisy.)
6)Mustard oil 
Oils Used

In a clean container mix this oil.
Make the base of coconut oil, that is maximum part must be coconut oil, and next in equal or a little less proportion should be the Almond oil, then 1/4th of the whole mixture must be the castor oil and olive oil 
The bhringaraj oil is an ayurvedic oil very good for your scalp , it is the green oil in the picture 

a few drops of bhringaraj and mustard oil has to be added and then stir it lightly till oils get mixed.
store it for as long as you wish.

Now generously use this mix and apply it on your scalp , massage  lightly and apply it onto your hair .
keep it ,for 5 mins and then wrap around your head a hot towel . do it two or three times.

Then simple wash off, like you shampoo usually , I prefer not using the conditioner in this case but it is upto you.

I can tell you one thing for sure 
This is surely one heck of a deep conditioning that works in any weather  !!!

So , mix it apply it 
Love it 

Love your hair 
Love yourself  


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