5 minute routine for healthy nails & skin

Hello friends!
Now that summer is here and we have to be under the harsh sun, why not spend some 5 mins on ourselves to be healthy and beautiful!?

Here is the combined 10 minutes routine for your nails and skin to look gorgeous! 

After you take a bath

1 min - Take a drop of almond oil on your on your finger. a drop is enough for five nails
5 secs each nail- (of your hands and feet, so total almost 2 mins ) rub the oil on each nail for five seconds

and let the oil stay like that as it will be absorbed

and if you think the oil is too much to handle for you(I hope it wont be ) you can lightly dab your nails with a cloth and you're good!

After rubbing the oil it soaks in

Now, for your skin!

DO NOT forget to put on moisturizer cause you'll sweat!!!, you will sweat any ways so why not nourish and then sweat.

Put on a light moisturizer on your body skin and preferably with some SPF (sunscreen), especially on the exposed areas, No one wants to have skin cancer (if you think of it that way !)!!

I use the Vaseline healthy white with SPF 24 , and it doesn't make me sweat.

and A lotus sunscreen with SPF 50 (choose 40 or more SPF for the summer season) for face and this one is oil free and suits my extremely sweaty and oily skin!!!

This whole thing takes hardly 2 - 3 minutes for the skin

So be healthy , stay beautiful!!

Enjoy summer !!
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