Zoomin Experience and Review

After every holiday or any life event it has become a ritual for me, I am sure for you too, to get the digital images captured on the Phone or even the camera printed out and made into an album, to add to my collection of memories. 

Now that I have the ease of getting everything done with ZOOMIN the most tedious part is to sort through the huge number of pictures to decide what actually needs to be printed as I have my eyes closed in most pictures! 

Zoomin is India's #1 online destination to get any personalised gifts made with your images and they provide every service under the sun to get your special memories printed and made into a form of Albums, frames, prints, etc. 

I have been using the services of Zoomin for over 5 years now, I have had albums made, polaroid photos printed, business cards made, photos printed, custom gifts made and so on. To put it plainly I have been a loyal customer of the brand and have never been disappointed with the service or the quality. 

Let me walk you through the review, now that I have already spoken so highly of them. 

Website / App experience - 

The website is very easy to navigate and use, as you can at a glance have a look at all the services offered and any ongoing offers that they may be providing. This makes the process of getting things done easy especially when you are working with images. Selecting a service with all details at a glance with any sub-options for that service makes it simpler to visualize the end product and as a millennial, to be honest, this is the medium I prefer. That being said, I have used the Zoomin app as well, and that is very easy to use and preferred by me if I already know what I am looking for. 

Uploading pictures: Since images form the base of their service, this is a factor I hold at the highest point of critique. With the Zoomin app, it is easier to upload pictures because more often than not we have what we are working with on our mobile phones these days and I have observed the upload to be a tad bit faster than the website upload. 

Service - 

This time, I selected the express delivery service as an Add-on to my personalisation services. I opted for 2 sets of photo prints in glossy and matte finishes and a few framed photos. Everything was packed very well, and delivered within the week. I was kept updated on the progress throughout the processing, which I assume was an express shipping feature, but I appreciated being up-to-date. 

Product - 

Super impressed. The frames I got are very high quality and have the provision for the frames to be both hung or displayed. The Matte and glossy here doesn't make much difference and I got both to try out. The size while selecting will be of the frame and not the image inside, so keep that in mind. 

Zoomin has many, many designs and options for framed pictures in terms of colour etc, so you can opt for whatever suits your aesthetics. 

The photo prints have always been my favourite, because of the quality papers they use, I prefer the glossy prints over the mattes, but I tried both to be sure. 

Overall experience - 

Has been nothing short of excellent! I have been delighted through and through. Absolutely recommend Zoomin for any of your personalisation or image-related requirements. 

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