Earthraga Shopping Experience and Review

Earthraga Shopping Experience and Review

There is nothing more I like than exploring the different brands in the world of Skincare and self-care. I am especially delighted to try and experience products from Indian beauty brands, One such brand I came across recently is EarthRaga, A Proudly Indian, Clean, and Cruelty-free beauty brand. 

Earthraga has skincare, haircare, and bath products. Earthraga is currently available on their website which is what I will be sharing the experience about. Earthraga is currently available on their website which is what I will be sharing the experience about. But they are stocked in many online stores such as Nykaa, TataCliq, Vanity Wagon,  Amazon etc. Earthraga products essentially are available very easily online. 

The best part of shopping from their website is the combo deals you will be able to get on types of products or their various ranges. I am trying the products from Earthraga that overall consist of an entire week's skincare routine, but they have different ranges, I am trying something from each. 

Let's start the review! 

Shopping experience - 

I placed an order from the Earthraga website and it was pretty easy to select what I needed. A clean and simple interface to select what I need from different categories and add them to the shopping cart online. The checkout process is also pretty simple and they have multiple payment channels that can be used to pay for your order. 

Earthraga Shopping Experience and Review

Post-purchase experience - 

The products were shipped out quickly after placing the order and I was kept informed of the shipping status. I received the product within 5 days of placing the order directly from the Earthraga website. 

The products I am trying - 

The Kumkumadi Face wash and face scrub. The Bakuchiol Day and Night cream and a face mask from their ubtan range, essentially trying products from various ranges that Earthraga has to offer. I am writing the review more from an experience point of view so here are my first impressions on the products. 

I am delighted by the packaging and quality of materials used, the products are in glass jars, making them more stable. Earthraga claims to not add fragrance as an additional component in the products, but their Bakuchoil range has a very strong fragrance to the point that it is irritating and lingers on. The other products have a very mild fragrance and are very efficient products. I particularly loved the Kumkumadi Face wash and Face scrub from all the products I tried. 

I will soon share my reviews on Instagram. Do keep an eye out. 

Overall, I had a decent experience with Earthraga and shopping from their website. Looking forward to trying the products in the long term and seeing how they fare. 

Earthraga Shopping Experience and Review

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