Sustainable summer outfit with Virgio | Review

Virgio Circular fashion brand in Indian Review

There is a dilemma when it comes to shopping for clothes online. Most online stores or brands are fast fashion brands and when you are a conscious consumer of clothes, online shopping can be very challenging. Virgio is one such brand that helps me tackle the dilemma of buying stylish clothes online because Virgio is a conscious fashion brand. Apart from obviously a great collection of beautiful clothes, Virgio offers the satisfaction of buying clothes made with Indian bodies in mind and with high-quality fabrics that have been carefully sourced.

A detailed view into how seriously they take their commitment to producing clothes fairly and with the environment in mind can be read here – Circularity in Fashion by Virgio.

Let’s talk about my experience of shopping with them.

Website / Mobile app –

The Virgio website is minimal, easy to navigate and find what you might like. Each product has every detail you may need to purchase and maintain along with the origin story and detail of each garment. I was absolutely floored by this.

I did not use the app, but in true millennial fashion made my purchase from the desktop, if you use the app, you can avail of special discounts as well. So, use the user-friendly Virgio app.

The shopping and browsing experience is great overall.

Products and collection –

Since they are a “Good Fashion brand” as they like to put it, their offerings are made keeping a theme or season in mind and not something they put out every day. They have released a few collection capsules in the past year of operation which has very particular themes in mind.

I purchased from their Retro collection, even though they recently launched their 2024 spring collection. But from what I understood, this collection will be where they pause releasing products for a while and will launch a new collection when they next are ready.

Moreover, their designs are such that you can style them in a classic yet trendy manner. I purchased from their previous collection because I wanted something in checks and in pure cotton and these coordinates perfectly fit my requirements. These are easy to style as well for the summer. So, you see what I am trying to say!

I definitely stand for it classic styles and capsule collections. I do not want to buy from a brand that churns out 50 designs a day.

The clothes are very reasonably priced for the quality and attention to detail Virgio offers.

Customer experience –

Excellent is the word here.

I received my order in A DAY! Packed in compostable packaging, without unnecessary paper tags on the garments. And most importantly I could see what they mean when talking about quality.

The blue check co ords from Virgio that I got is pure, high-quality cotton, stitched and tailored to a perfect finish. Fits me beautifully. The size chart was true to size. So again, I was extremely impressed upon receiving these.

Overall, from browsing to placing the order to receiving and wearing the clothes, I highly recommend all that Virgio offers along with the ease of online shopping.  My experience has been stellar at every touch point I have had with the brand and I will definitely be purchasing from Virgio again.

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