House of Chikankari Review and Experience

House of Chikankari review

House of Chikankari as seen on shark tank review

Growing up I had a special place in my style for Indian embroideries and handicrafts, all thanks to my Mother's clothing pieces! I pretty regularly styled her clothes and sarees,
like I did here when I styled a Lucknowi Chikankari saree with a T-shirt! Authentic Chikankari work is difficult to find these days, but Thanks to the House of Chikankari, that issue now is solved for us Indians and globally.

House of Chikankari specializes in authentic hand-embroidered and artisanal chikankari clothes, both in the ready-to-wear Indian ethnic category as well as unstitched suit sets. Today I am talking about two of their designs and sharing my review of House of Chikankari, in terms of the shopping experience as well as the product experience. 

House of Chikankari review online shark tank india

House of Chikankari was introduced to me thanks to a few celebrities and then by their appearance on Shark Tank India. This Online Chikankari Kurta/Kurti sets Store stocks beautifully hand-embroidered clothing for both men and women and for your occasion wear as well as office or casual wear. In a market full of sellers making machine-embroidered chikankari articles, the House of Chikankari provides the assurance of authenticity and guarantee of good quality handiwork and material, which for me is a great win-win for online shopping 

Now for the review of HOC or House of Chikankari, I will cover the browsing or website experience, Collection, Customer Service and experience, and lastly product quality. Let's start with the shopping experience on their website. 

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Shopping experience online at House of Chikankari 

The online shopping experience is a breeze on the website. A clear categorization makes it very easy and simple to find what you are looking for. There is an Instagram stories-style section wherein you can find the latest collections and offers. Each product is styled and modeled elegantly and you can actually make out the details on each clothing, which is very important here as we are looking for quality handwork. 
The payment etc at the checkout is also very easy to use, you have multiple payment options to choose from so all in all a great experience browsing and placing the order on the House of chikankari website. 

House of Chikankari review online shark tank india

House of Chikankari review online shark tank india collection of kurta

House of Chikankari review online shark tank india website

Designs and Collection 

Variety! They have focussed on variety for sure! You will find Kurtas in various colors, patterns and very innovative and unique designs, the same goes for the Kurta sets! I am not floored with the collection for Men and honestly, most of the collection is not even Chikankari for men, but for women, it is absolutely the opposite and I am totally floored! I would like to see more western silhouettes stocked for women, like dresses and shirts which are there, but in limited numbers. 
I adored the velvet collection and various other celebrity collaboration collections they have designed. I really look forward to seeing more of that from House of Chikankari. 

Customer Service and Customer Experience

Very good customer service! Overall, I had some issues placing the order and needed a refund due to an order placement issue. I dropped them an e-mail with the issue and they helped me via mail and by calling me up to resolve the same and refunded the amount promptly. Now this wasn't without any follow-up, I had to follow up a little but it was resolved, so I was satisfied with the service and experience. 

Now the experience after the order was placed! It was excellent! I received my order within 3 days and in very good condition, which was accompanied by updates on my delivery status.

Product Quality and Packaging 

I purchased two Chikankari sets for myself from the House of Chikankari. 

A straight kurta and pant set in a beautiful emerald color with Chikanari with white thread done on Chanderi fabric. I personally love a bit of contrast between the fabric and the embroidery hence I chose this. Similarly went for a high-contrast black and white combination for a short kurta and flared pant set. 
I am honestly delighted by the quality of both. The Black and white set is made of thick non-sheer cotton fabric and the quality of the embroidery and attention to detail is praiseworthy. But out of the two pieces, I am floored by the Chanderi Kurta set! 

Stunning work, right to size and comfortable fit, and above all, superb quality of the chanderi fabric which, usually a sheer fabric, is lined with a soft fabric! 

Now the packaging is another star! The packaging is done very thoughtfully with all the details given with the chikankari garment and on top of it all, they have not used plastic packaging, but Biodegradable packaging! The main envelope carries their brand and brand story beautifully with the graphics, so 10/10 for this! 

House of Chikankari as seen on shark tank review
House of Chikankari as seen on shark tank review

House of Chikankari as seen on shark tank review

Overall experience 

I am a happy customer because, for the price, which falls in the premium category, I am getting a premium product appended with the thoughtful customer experience by The House of Chikankari. Totally recommended if you're looking for high-quality Chikankari garments from India! 


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