Earth Rhythm Daily defence SPF 30 sunscreen review

earth rhythm sunscreen review price packaging

Discovering new brands has always been something I loved doing even before I started writing about or reviewing beauty products. Earth Rythm is one such brand that I discovered a few years back because of the Earth Rythm solid shampoo bars. But for this article, we are going to talk about and review the Earth Rhythm Daily Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 30 Sunscreen.

This Earth Rhythm Hybrid sunscreen is the first Hybrid sunscreen I have tried and honestly, I was very impressed with it. With Mineral sunscreens, the heaviness on the skin is nothing I enjoy and chemical sunscreens feel great and are usually what I pick, but they need to be reapplied without fail, with Mineral sunscreen there is a longer window for reapplication. Let's start with a review of the Earth Rhythm SPF 30 sunscreen. 

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Price and Availability

The sunscreen is available on multiple websites online, along with the Earth Rhythm official website. 
The Sunscreen comes in two types of packaging and is priced at 545 INR for 50ml of product. The product is available on Earth Rythym's website and other marketplaces such as Tira, Vilvah Store, and Amazon. 

Product details

The Daily Defence sunscreen is a hybrid formulation as mentioned earlier and has a SPF of 30 and PA+++. The texture of the product is lotion-like and easy to apply and re-apply in the correct amounts as sometimes sunscreen's recommended amounts tend to become too much to handle for your skin! The packaging here is a pump packaging and for a lotion-like product, it is a perfect way to handle it. 
The sunscreen doesn't feel sticky or greasy on the skin and is actually lightweight to wear over other AM skincare products. The filters in the sunscreen listed are Uvinul A Plus, Zinc Oxide, and Tinosorb S.


As mentioned above, they have two types of packaging. A tube and a bottle packaging, both come with a pump dispenser. The tube or bottle both come in a box packaging. When purchasing you can select the kind of packaging you want.

earth rhythm sunscreen review price packaging

Personal experience

I have had mixed experiences with this Earth Rhythm product. Although I love the Daily Defence sunscreen because of its texture, no fragrance and the initial feel on the skin, it can become a bit greasy when I get sweaty. I love that there is no white cast, my skin doesn't look all white-washed when I get sweaty when wearing this sunscreen and that is a plus cause I hate when screens do that. 
The Earth Rhythm daily defence sunscreen is easy to reapply and doesn't pill. I have used this product in cold weather mostly so when not doing any activity, this has worked just fine. I am not sure if the Daily Defence Earth Rhythm SPF 30 sunscreen is waterproof or not. 

Let me know what you think if you have tried this! 

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