The Nawabi Romance

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing great! I’m back with another post of my series, #MNSIndieProject, where I talk about fabrics, weaves, embroideries, etc from a particular Indian region. My series will complete when I have showcased something from each state of India, which I think is going to take some seriously long time, one because the expansive area and heritage of the country. And second, because I am have not been committed enough to the blog right now! Which I definitely want to change.

In my last post, I touched base with my own Bengali Heritageand ticked off West Bengal from the list. For today, I have chosen a perfect place for any food lover and romantic at heart. Lucknow! We normally relate Biryani and Lucknowi Chikan with Lucknow, apart from the Nawabi romanticism. I haven’t had the fortune to visit the city, although it is very much on the cards. But, as someone who has been fond of the lucknowi Chikankari, this post bring in a lot of nostalgia. White Kurtis with jeans was my uniform almost throughout my college days! 

But romance for me is staying in, with a good book, and hot chocolate when it rains outside! And right now that is what the season seems to be like.

I happily skipped almost all of the Indian summer this year, and now entered into the monsoons! I am not a person who loves monsoons as a season on the whole! I hate travelling in the rain, but if I am inside my house, there is nothing quite like it! 

Also, I feel like it has been quite sometime since I went out in the rain on a free day and had my fun! I think its long due and the next time it pours, I am going to do that! I can sense a bit of a cribbing crawling into this post about doing this post after 2 years of the photos being shot, but I am going to stop now and hope that you enjoy the post.

I am wearing a really old saree from my mom's closet with a stripped top and seashell earring. I wanted to keep the outfit comfortable and wearable as much as possible, hence the comfy top and the lightweight saree. 

Also, please share if you have some experiences from your visit to Lucknow or if you are from there, about the city, the food, the culture, anything! I would love to add that to this blog! Write to me at anytime you like!
Loads of love,

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