5 ways to stay sustainable while shopping

If you haven’t noticed, shopping has become more about sustainability in recent years than ever

before. After all, a recent study showed 36% of women only bought from those brands which refused to conduct animal testing.

Many of the top high street and designer fashion houses, not to mention a large number of SMEs and small brands,
are becoming more ethically-conscious. This also applies to beauty brands who refuse to test products
on animals. When out shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind on how you can do your bit.

After all, every little helps.

Do it online

How many times have you been to a shop and loitered for ages, trying to decide what to buy
(be honest!)? When shopping online we’re more inclined to put more thought into what we buy. The
result? Less waste, less landfill, more wear out of clothes you’ve selected carefully.

Plus, reducing your carbon footprint really is as easy as opening your laptop, as opposed to jumping in
the car and sitting in traffic at the local shopping centre.

Just by choosing to shop online are you embracing a more sustainable life.

Use review tools

Sites such as Trustpilot are great for checking out which brands are best when it comes to ethical
sourcing, tailoring, etc. It also means you can leave your own to help others.

Let’s not forget the power of social media either – where else do you have access to millions of
reviews, tips, information and more with the simple search of a hashtag? Platforms such as Instagram
can be all kinds of useful for making sure your fave beauty products don’t partake in any animal

Avoid cheap fabrics

You know the ones – cheap cotton or nylon used in clothing produced in the same manner is where
pesticides could have been introduced, making them less environmentally-friendly.

Organic, high-quality cottons are sometimes harder to come by, but well worth their weight in
gold when you do find them.

Do your research

Many new start-ups pride themselves on their sustainability, and to be fair, a lot of the larger brands
are putting it on their roadmaps now (and fast).

Doing your research prior to purchasing anything online means you can align with brands who share
the same values.

Check any labels and industry-recognised certificates which could show proof on how they’ve been
produced ethically, such as those made with more than 70% organic, natural fibres. Any make-up
and cosmetics have to clearly display if they do test on animals, so you know to easily avoid.

Also, research your favourite brands to make sure what you’re buying isn’t damaging anything more

than your bank balance.

Visit second-hand shops and websites

The fashion and beauty world is becoming a haven for pre-loved clothes, and making a conscious
effort to shop second-hand more frequently has never been easier, and more stylish.
Many bloggers recommended buying second hand to improve your sustainability.

Sites such as eBay, DePop, vintage stores, and charity shops all have a huge online presence,
making it even more appealing to branch out. That new coat you spotted on the high street?
There’s likely a cheaper, pre-owned version out there. Or, an even cooler version on a vintage or
charity shop’s site – bargain.

A few simple steps can go a long long way! Hope you guys follow one of these and let me know what you felt like?!

Loads of love,
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