How to Reduce Hairfall - A quick trick

Hey Guys! It has been aaaages since I put up a product review, but I will be putting up quite s few product reviews in the coming weeks. Maybe a few quick DIYs too! But for now let us talk about somethings that bothers us all there days, more or less - Hair Fall! I hope you have all the weapons in your arsenal to tackle the worst problem of all, when it comes to hair! Sharing my quick fix to reduce hair fall on an every shampoo basis. 

This product, The Hair fall serum by Elixir shop works really well for my hair. Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super smooth. All you have to do is simply mix about 10-12 drops of the oil, which they call serum in your shampoo , massage the shampoo as usual. Leave it for a minute or two, wash of as you would normally. Follow your normal steps to shampoo, just adding the  oil to your shampoo is the extra step.But, It is totally worth it.

The packaging is a glass bottle with a glass dropper, and is a little inconvenient to travel with. And if you have long hair then you'll need to use more of the product, so you'll use this up quickly. 

The product retails for 1000 INR and can be expensive for people with long hair. But for me, with my short hair it has been going on for almost 6 months now. 

Hope this helps you guys. I have kept the post very short, just enough for you to give it a quick read. Help me out with your opinions on this. If you'd like reviews to be this short, or my other format detailing the Product, Price, Packaging and Experience. It'd be a huge help for me to create content which you like :) . 

Will be back soon with another review. 
Loads of love, 
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