How to kick start your skincare routine in 2023

How to take care of your skin Put together a skincare routine! 

Understand, experiment, patience! 

These are the three words for you to focus on when defining or figuring out your skincare routine in 2023! It can be very difficult and overwhelming when putting together a routine for everyday skincare, because of the sheer number of options available for skincare and your own preferences. 

But I am here to guide you with the basics and will help you with the steps to follow, to finally settle on a seasonal routine for addressing your skin concerns. 

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Let's start! 

Set up a basic skincare routine

I have recently written all about formulating a CTM routine - Cleansing toning and moisturizing, for yourself. READ that first to understand where to begin. This is the very first step to start your skincare journey if you are not suffering from any particular skin concern and are only looking to maintain an already healthy skin barrier. 

This will definitely require you to "Understand" your skin first, have patience, and listen to your skin to finally determine the products suited best for you. If this is not the approach you want to take, then the next step should be your first. 

Find a dermatologist

If you have any and I mean ANY kind of skin concern, can be dry skin, mild pimples or can be severe pigmentation, or aging concerns, even before setting a CTM routine, find yourself a Dermatologist. 

One who is open-minded to talk to you, understand your concerns, and address them. That being said, it may take a few visits to a few different Dermats, but believe me, if you can nail this step, you don't even need to read the next steps. Or maybe just the next step. 

There is a reason why an expert is best suited to get you started on the right track. But, as I mentioned at the very beginning, patience is extremely important in this case, but not much experimentation is needed. 

Form good skincare habits 

The most underrated part of any skincare routine. No matter how effective your products are, this can derail any routine, if you don't habitually follow a few good practices.  I will write a detailed post on this and will share it very soon. 

Learn, learn, learn

Learn about your skin, learn about what is going on inside your body, and learn about the ingredients in your skincare products.  To understand what works for you, self-prescribed or prescribed by the doctor, you have to understand what is working for you in the short term {3-6 months} to be clear on what may work well in the long run. 

Now that we are going back to work, to school, and basically to our normal routines after a global pandemic, taking care of yourself is of high priority! And we are finally putting ourselves in front of people again, outside of Zoom calls, so taking care of your skin becomes even more important. So start your skincare routine now. You can always reach out to me if you need any help! 

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