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Basic skincare routine for Indian skin

We often think that all the skincare trends are suitable for us. 


Worth a try, most definitely, but not suitable always. The trends usually are not always perfect for Indian skin. Like the Korean skincare rituals, the Chinese Gua sha or even the skincare products that are all the rage from Japan, the UK, or US markets, might not be a perfect fit for our skin in different climates. So we need to be extra mindful of how we design our skincare routine. 

Also, we oftentimes have no idea how to actually follow a skincare trend correctly. SO, I am starting a series of skincare basics, which will cover the How to- for the trending skin care methods and the very basics as well. But keep in mind, there are a bunch of different trends that keep coming and going, but I will only be talking about the trends I have personally tried and both liked or disliked. 

What will you find here? 

You will get to know 

- what is the method for 

- what does the method do and why it is worth a try 

- what are the products I have tried the method with 

- why it worked or did not work for me

- The method is best suited for whom 

- When should you do this 

- some product suggestions for different skin types - Please always consider That I might not have personally tried each product in this category. 

Let's get started then and for this post I will be covering the base, to build upon for skincare. Trends or not. 

A Basic everyday skincare routine consists of 3 steps - cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, hence CTM. 

Cleansing to clean the dirt, pollution, sebum, and oil off, and also hopefully sunscreen once a day. 

Toning to calm the skin, balance the pH, or prep the skin for the next step.

Moisturizing introduces either a layer to hold skin's natural moisture or a step to introduce hydration and moisture topically to the skin.

The method is best for the maintenance of healthy skin and not targeted at solving any skin issue, specifically. You may choose products that target issues. But in a simple sense, this Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine is for the upkeep of your skin, facial, and body. This is the quintessential daily routine to start off your skincare journey.

A cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine is worth a try by everyone, men and women alike. In any case, skincare isn't gender-specific. A CTM routine is for all skin types, but definitely, the products vary in each case. 

AGAIN, This is the most basic routine and perfect for beginners and skincare junkies alike. You can build upon this, add more steps but removing anyone step from this three-step routine is not recommended. 

Indian beauty blog How to Skincare basics CTM routine
Products I currently use for my CTM Routine

Products For A CTM Routine - 

For products, I will not mention a long list, because I have been following this routine, along with sunscreen for as long as I can remember. 

But here are some pointers to look for, in each of your products, regardless of your skin type and the climate you are in - 

- Use a mild cleanser, one that does not make your skin feel dry after use, true for all seasons.

- Steer clear of toner with alcohol, they are usually drying and damaging for certain skin types. 

- You can also tone with a floral/herbal mist or water, and these are usually the most gentle products to prep the skin. 

- Moisturizer should leave your skin feeling nourished, not sticky, or heavy on the skin, or oily. If any product does that, don't use it. simple. 

But to give you an Idea, currently, I am using the Simple skincare refreshing face wash, Kama Ayurveda Vetiver water, and Vaunt BBFF cream cream as products that relate to the CTM steps. I will soon be posting full reviews for each of the products, so will link them here, in case you want to know more about the mentioned products. Also, 

In the video below you may see a step or two more, that is what I mentioned when I said you can build upon a CTM routine. 

It definitely works for me. It works for the majority of people and is suitable for all men and women with all skin types, of course, the products vary in each step of this three-step routine. 

These three steps of the CTM routine should be for both your daytime and nighttime routine.

Focus on protection and maintenance as keywords for day and nourish and correct for the night and choose your products according to that. 

So I will keep this simple and close the when, why, with what, and how in one post itself. 

Also, here are a few don'ts -  
- Do not wash your face with a strong cleanser both times a day. -  If you feel like you need a stripping face wash {which you don't!}, use that at night, to clean off all dirt and sebum and follow up with a nourishing routine. BUT  keep this to the minimum to maintain a healthy skin barrier. 
- I know it doesn't fall under the CTM routine, but don't skip your sunscreen. Try to find a moisturizer with SPF if you want to stick to three products. 

Indian beauty blog Skincare basics CTM routine vaunt skincare simple skincare india

That is all for now folks! If you have any questions reach out to me on my Instagram -
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The next skincare "Trend" I will be covering is Double cleansing. A perfect trend to follow if you use a bit of makeup and are regular with sunscreen, especially physical sunscreen. 
Stay tuned for the same! Thanks for reading through, Hope you like the next post in the series. Pin the image below for future reference! 

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