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Every year we all give in to the hype of a product sometimes or make a purchase based on discounts during sales. I am no exception and I did give in to the temptation and ended up purchasing a few products which I ended up hating. 

Here is a small detailed list of the top three purchases that I regret making in 2021. There were a few more, but they weren't as bad as these. so here goes, 

The first place on the list goes to - 

Neutrogena dry touch ultra sheer sunblock review indian skin blog

Neutrogena Ultrasheer dry-touch sunblock 

This physical sunblock has all the filters required and looks like a really good sunblock with SPF 50+. This also works for UVA and UVB rays. I will in a few days write a detailed review of the sunscreen, so more about the product will be detailed there. For now why I personally did not like using it, especially for my face. 

- Made my skin greasy and dull after a few hours 
- Caused major breakouts
- Feels heavy on my facial skin 
- Even if a slight amount gets in your eyes, it BURNS like hell.
- Needs a lot of time to be absorbed by the skin and for the white cast to go 
- I end up rubbing it in, causing my skin to inflame sometimes. 

These six points are why I would never use the Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock on my facial skin. I do use it on my body now, and it still feels quite heavy on the skin, but apart from that, it is a good sunblock for the body. Avoid for the face! 

simrasa hair serum gloss review

SIMRASA Luxuries Hair Gloss 

This purchase was made by getting hyped up by all the rave reviews I saw for a few months on Instagram. The skin and hair influencers raved about the effects this hair gloss or hair serum had on their hair. I, on the contrary, hated it. 
It's not that I had anything against the product, I even tried to use it in various ways and like it a bit more, but couldn't. And the best or worst part is that I got this on sale - on a Buy 1 get 1 sale. So I have two of the same thing and one is an unopened bottle! 😑 But that said, the reason why I don't like these personally - 

- Extremely strong fragrance, which doesn't fade away even after a few hours and gives me a headache. 
- The fragrance is not a mellow one, it is pretty strong and hits you in the face. Even though it is actually pleasant for a few seconds, then things go down for someone with a sensitive nose like mine. 
- Makes my hair oily in a day and weighs down hair. For context, I have very dry hair and a normal scalp. 
- The effect, of smooth, frizz-free hair, stays for a few minutes only. Nothing long-lasting. 
- Expensive for what it does for me, 1299 INR for one 50 ml bottle. 
- Tried mixing with hair masks, didn't see any difference by using this. 

I will in any case be using this up by mixing it up in hair masks because I definitely don't want to waste it. But I also don't find myself reaching out for it. Hopefully, I will be able to use it up before it expires! 

Earthi Ayurveda Facepack Cream 

At first, I was so intrigued by the Product when I saw this. This was one of the first products the Brand had launched and was so impressed with the packaging and the concept of a Facepack cream that I gave in and purchased it. 
Little did I know that the packaging is what will be the letdown for the entire experience of using the product. 
these are the few reasons why I didn't like the experience of using it, even though the product itself is not bad. 

- The biggest fault is the dispenser nozzle. You have to push down on it, as you would for a serum dispenser. and the product gets stuck and dries up. Making it impossible to get to the product. 
- I had to take the product from the pipe of the dispenser to use, making it very unsanitary. Since it comes in a bottle, it can't really be taken out by anything. 
- Even when the dispenser did work, You have to push through a lot to get some product 

So my grievance is major with the experience of using this face mask. The Face mask itself is interesting to use in terms of texture and how it feels afterward. 
But the claim of de-tanning etc hasn't shown till now for me, but I haven't been able to use it much to comment as such also.

This essentially sums up the list of products I didn't enjoy using in 2021. Like I mentioned above, there are a few others, but these three take the cake. 
The next post will list out the products which I absolutely love using overall. 
Till then stay safe and keep commenting on your views! 

Loads of love, 
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