All about Double cleansing for Indian Skin

Double cleansing | Skincare basics for Indian skin 

Double cleansing for indian skin

Heya there! 

I hope you are doing okay, amidst this global crisis. 

I know we are all struggling in our own ways, but each of us has something to be grateful for, Hold on to that. Practice gratitude exercises, not every day, but don't forget, it is very important to count your blessings now, more than ever. 

Even if that is as simple as healthy skin, that you are grateful for. If that is not the case, let me tell you how to get started, and let's start with getting squeaky clean skin, while keeping it healthy. THAT IS the first step to good skin after all right!?

This method or skincare trend, which has been essentially around since makeup, has gained the spotlight it deserves pretty recently. 

It is as simple as it sounds and perfect for Indian summer and Indian skin. Double cleansing. 

If you have heard about it, you must have thought "How to double cleanse"  or "How do I get started with double cleansing" or "when to double cleanse, will it suit me" or even "Do the products I own work for double cleansing". Well, now the last one can be different for each one of us. But I will try to get you started and clear all your doubts to the best of my ability. So let's start!

Why is double cleansing good for Indian skin and climate? 

The tropical climate equals sweat, dust, pollution coming together to clog your skin. And I am hoping you are also applying the proper amount of sunscreen all year round but especially in summers, be it physical or chemical, which needs to be cleaned off properly. Then, if you are wearing makeup on top of it all, you can't even think about missing this. No, no! That will be criminal. 

There are a few benefits for different skin concerns too like double cleansing is great for textured or mature skin. But today, we are focusing on Indian skin and why it works very well because of the climate overall. 

Double cleansing is a simple two-step facial cleansing method typically done using an oil-based cleanser first and then followed with a water/gel-based cleanser. 

First things first, since this is a straightforward thing, you might be thinking "how do I select my products". Right? But to do that you must know why the need for this? I have linked a few articles at the end for you to read and help you decide from few options for various skin types

First and second cleanse together form the practice of Double cleansing

SO here goes the How to Double cleanse for Indian skin

Step 1 - Oil-based cleansing 

The first step is aimed at cleaning any makeup/sunblock off your skin or any trapped sebum and oil gently. The oil or balm helps in tackling the stubborn particles off of your skin. This can be done by an Oil or a balm-based cleanser. If you want to give this a try without spending anything, try using a little bit of coconut oil for this step.

Micellar waters are also good, based on what I have heard from my skincare blogger friends, but I didn't find it helpful. But that also depends on the skin type, and theirs is different than mine. So feel free to give this a try if you have micellar water lying around your beauty cabinet!

How to - Take the required amount of the oil or balm and gently massage  onto your skin, till the makeup visibly melts and comes off. In case, you don't have makeup on, the skin starts feeling slightly calm and tight, that is when you need to stop and rinse or wipe off the first cleanse product. 

Introduce a little water to emulsify before your rinse it off with water, especially in case of cleansing balms. Immediately follow up with the next step in for the double-cleansing, while your skin is still damp. 

Step 2 - Gel / water-based cleansing 

This step is very helpful to clean off the dirt and the residue, if any left, from the first step. This step is the familiar step for all of us and you can go right ahead with your favourite face wash to cleanse everything off of your face and neck. Don't forget the ears if you have sunscreen on! 

The second cleanse makes sure to clean off the remaining dirt or product along with the residual first cleanse product.

This completes your Double cleanse! Easy peasy! 

Some points to remember when starting to double cleanse - 

    - ALWAYS, double cleanse at night or during your PM routine. Your morning routine should not start with double-cleansing if you don't produce a whole lot of sebum while sleeping.

    - If possible, do not wash your face with a cleanser the following morning after double cleansing the previous night.

    - NEVER double cleanse twice a day. It will strip off all the natural moisture of your skin and leave it feeling super dry. 

    - You don't have to double cleanse every day! Adjust the frequency according to your requirements and skin's needs. 

    - Don't layer on two cleansers with strong actives back to back. 

    - Follow up with the next steps of your skincare routine, immediately! 

Now that you know the how-to and essentially the dos and don't of double cleansing, it is time to tell you the whys and why I love this trend so much and why it is perfect for polluted Indian cities! 

- Increase of product absorption 

Since the skin is all clean and prepped without being all dry and stripped of natural moisture, it absorbs the right amount of the product and the products work well in a shorter than expected time. 

- Helps improve skin texture

The thorough cleaning and slight massage of the facial skin help over time to improve the skin texture. This applies to slightly textured skin or skin with usually larger pores. Clean pores or skin bumps, equals fewer bacteria or clogging, equals usually healthy acne-free skin. 

- Gentle way to cleanse

Even though we use two products, the first step of the oil-based cleanser gently breaks down everything and cleanses without drying out the skin completely and maintains the natural oil of the skin barrier. Stretchy, squeaky clean feeling skin is actually dried skin, which doesn't happen with this! 

- Great for cities with High Humidity or pollution

Even if you stay inside the house in cities like Kolkata or Delhi, you sure will get a whole lot of dust and pollution in, and the skin will show that. Cleansing this way ensures, you don't have any of the unwanted things clogging your skin's pore, causing issues. 

I say this because double cleansing works particularly well for me in Kolkata, which is an extremely Humid city and has high air pollution. 

I am writing this article based on my own experience with this method, it took some time for me to get used to this. But now, I cannot think of my skincare routine being complete without double-cleansing. 

It can also vary for you, if you do try let me know in the comments! If you do not have a set skincare regime Down yet read - 

How to establish a basic skincare routine!

Now as promised - here are a few articles which helped me start my double cleansing journey, hope this helps you too! 

13 FAQs on Double cleansing        Double cleansing basics 

Hope this helps! 

Love, Priyanjana

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