SNP Prep Peptaronic Toner Review

SNP prep peptaronic toner review India for Indian skin 

peptaronic toner review by indian blogger
SNP Prep Toner review Peptaronic toner

Korean beauty brands made a grand entrance in the Indian markets in the last 3-4 years and the way they have captured the market and the interest of the result conscious consumers is praiseworthy. 
I remember a few sites starting out and taking baby steps in 2018 - 2019 with exclusive curation of Korean beauty products and brands, like Limese Connect, SkinBae, etc. Now all the e-commerce giants in the makeup and beauty space, be it Nykaa or Purplle, have a well-stocked storefront for most big-ticket Korean brands like CosRX, SNP Prep, etc. 

This is my first blog post where I talk about my experience with Korean skincare products or K-beauty, and just wanted to briefly share how I marvel at their strategy and the confidence that they have in the effectiveness of their products. I was quite apprehensive to give these a try because I am not always one to buy into any hype. But alas, I gave in and bought what looked like the most reasonable skincare product from the entire array to select from. A huge bottle of the SNP prep Peptaronic toner with HA and peptides. 

SNP prep peptaronic toner review by Indian beauty blogger Bangalore packaging
SNP prep peptaronic toner review by Indian beauty blogger Bangalore 

Now let me tell you this, even though I was exploring and learning about the most commonly used ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide etc in 2018 - 2019, I was not as invested in learning it all very seriously. The skincare community was also more relaxed and result-based than granular research-based.  
I think the Isolation during the first few lockdowns of Covid- 19, Maskne and the "rise of Skinfluencers" in 2020 kind of pushed me to learn more, to solve my maskne issues, to be relevant and provide value to you as my reader. Because it is simple you gotta level up if your peers do too and you gotta learn more to solve your issues. 

This is where the Peptaronic toner from SNP prep with its ingredient list and the promise of what those ingredients can do, caught my eye. Funny enough, I started using this after a few months still. But have been using it for a few months now, with no success at finishing it! 
It really is a humongous bottle and a project to finish. Let's not make the blog post so, and finally get started with the review, starting with my three Ps for a review - Product, Packaging and Price. 

Price - 
750 INR at Full price for 320 ml of Product 
Available on Nykaa, Sublime life, Limese  and Purplle 
Click below to shop from Nykaa - affiliate link.
Packaging - 

So for the packaging, I can start by saying that like any other Korean Brand SNP prep also has very unique, yet cute and minimal packaging. 
The Peptaronic toner comes in a transparent, pink plastic bottle with a very simple dispensing mechanism, no dropped or spray bottle etc. Nothing fancy there. 
It makes the use very easy, as you can just drop the product onto your palm or cotton pad and dab it lightly on your face. 
The entire peptaronic range by SNP prep comes in a baby pink and white packaging. Be it the toner or serum. The toner bottle comes in a cardboard box, with like I mentioned,  a very minimal pink and white box with a glossy and matte finish. 
They detail out what the components of the products are and not much thereafter. 

Peptaronic toner top packaging cap
Packaging of the peptaronic toner 

Peptaronic toner ingredients on packaging
Quantity and review of peptaronic toner

Product - 

Before I share my experience, this is what they claim, as mentioned on the product and the website - 

Formulated with 5 different types of Hyaluronic Acid and 6 different types of Peptides, the toner helps maintain oil and moisture balance to keep your skin radiant and clear. The peptides also help boost the skin's natural 'plump' appearance, leaving the skin looking refreshed and revitalized.

FYI - Peptaronic stands for Peptides + Hyaluronic, Hence the name Peptaronic clearly tells you what constitutes this SNP prep product. 

The texture of the product is not very runny or liquidy like you'd expect out of a mist toner or traditional toners, but slightly thicker and more like a serum. 
So the consistency is somewhere between a "traditional toner" and a "traditional serum" consistency. A clear solution, with no colour to it. 
The toner smells very subtle and floral. Like a small bouquet of roses and some assorted fragrant flowers hidden inside. I am not very worried about fragrance in my products so I am fine with it, if it irritates you, this might be a flag! But, the fragrance usually fades away quickly. 

This is my recommendation on how to use the SNP Prep Peptaronic toner in India, for Indian skin - 
Best if you use the toner in a small quantity, on already moist/damp skin. Take a few drops on your palm and dab it across your face gently on damp skin. 
In this climate, at least in Bangalore's dry climate, you need to make sure to keep your skin damp to increase the absorption of the peptaronic toner. Otherwise, the toner application is patchy and sometimes tends to get a bit oily when the toner isn't absorbed properly. 

The above application method works best because of the various types of Hyaluronic acid in the Peptaronic toner I guess. With Hyaluronic acid, it is always, ALWAYS recommended that you have your skin at least slightly damp, as it holds on to moisture, and makes your skin supple. But when applying if it doesn't get that moisture, it puts strain on your skin causing your skin to produce more sebum. Hence the heavy oily feel! 

Peptides are great to maintain a healthy skin barrier and this toner supports a healthy skin barrier for sure. I think now it is time for me to share my experience and my thought on the toner. 

My experience with the Peptaronic toner- 

So what I'm sharing here is strictly for a sensitive and acne-prone skin type and also keeping in mind the Bangalore weather which fluctuates from cold to hot and is dry most of the time. I will cover how I layered this toner and how I used this only with moisturizer or anything else. 

My first impression of this product was to use it in my nighttime routine because it was slightly on the heavier side and not a very misty toner.  so I started using this toner every day for getting used to it and understanding how it feels on my skin with different kinds of skincare actives and just by itself.  as explained in the above product section this toner is a little viscous and is on the heavier side so I'd like to use this for the goodness of the HA and peptides especially when my skin was feeling a little tired or dry and since I was using this mostly during the winters the climate also was pretty drying, driving my skin to feel even drier. 

After using it for a couple of days I did see a few breakouts this is when I was using the toner on dry skin, not on damp skin. This is what made me understand that this particular product has to be used on damp skin and after I started doing that I did not face any similar issues of a breakout or redness or oily skin, but I did try it again on dry skin to confirm that this problem was because of application on dry skin and I was proven right. 

So what I feel of the product is what you would like to know after all, right? To put it shortly I love it.

Especially to boost the skin’s retention of moisture and make it supple during winter this works very very well. I layered this toner with serums containing niacinamide and with moisturizers containing ceramides and they seem to be working the best in combination.

I also started using it during my daytime routine and layered it with my Vitamin C serum, the layering sequence being Vitamin C, Mist, Toner and it seemed to work well. When using this I skipped using any other product containing HA as well. I also went on to use this only at night as it started making my skin slightly oily as the weather got warmer. It felt heavy on the skin during the daytime so I skipped it.

I tried it with my moisturizers, a few different ones, and it all felt the same during the day. A tad bit heavy and oily.

So apart from the things I tried and the experience that I had I really liked what results from this product showed me. This is a toner you would want to get if you want your skin to look glowing and supple.  this is not a product that will help you miraculously transform the texture of your skin or reduce dark spots etc.,  but it will give your skin a healthy appearance and a healthy field which I think is something that I go for, especially during the winters in Bangalore.  The appearance of pores is also reduced considerably e when using this particular product as in general, the skin barrier remains healthy due to the ingredients of this particular toner. 

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You would find a lot of reviews about the SNP prep Peptaronic serum and toner on the internet, But not many are relevant for Indian skin or weather. Hence I hope this helps you, If you have any other questions feel free to drop me a message on Instagram - @Priyanjana is my handle or drop me a comment below and I will respond.

I can say I recommend this product for normal to dry skin, for use at night, without much layering. and that in short is my review of the peptaronic toner.

I would love to try out more K-beauty products like the SNP prep peptaronic toner and share my view on how they perform on Indian skin and conditions. Let me know what you'd like to read about next from a combination, sensitive and acne-prone skin person!  

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